This is an account of 2 conventional people in their fifties who decided to leave their comfortable lives and tackle new and exciting experiences before they were too old and decrepit to do so.2005-09-10 15.57.12-1

The children have grown up and left home and the parents are still managing independently.

Our 30 year careers were reasonably successful but the prospect of a further 15 years of the same was not inspiring so we chose to change direction in our lives, quite drastically.

On this site you will find a journal or diary – not sure that it is a true blog – of our escapades. There is also some background detail about how we came to find ourselves in this position with both practical and personal philosophical rhetoric.


Leap of faith


It is only our story, our thoughts and our opinions, so if you find it interesting, entertaining or even helpful we’ll be delighted. We are not life coaches, just regular people who want to try something different before its too late






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