1. Setting off

We’re on our way across the northern Atlantic towards Greenland (which is predominantly white due to snow/ice/glaciers) having departed Iceland (which is predominantly green at this time of year!) at 4.45pm on our next adventure. We are due to land in Edmonton at 5.30pm same day after a 6.5 hour flight. It will, of course, be considerably later, actually nearer midnight UK time but we have to wait until 12.30am to catch our Greyhound bus. My main concern is that we will fall asleep somewhere and miss it!

Otley Show

Otley Show

We have had a super time back in the UK catching up with friends and family. Thanks to everyone who put us up, we really appreciate your hospitality. I’m only sorry that we didn’t get a chance to see everyone nor spend as long as we would have wished with those we did, but hopefully will keep in touch via this (don’t forget to communicate back with us on the ‘comments’, it is lovely to hear everyone’s news) and will meet up again in November before we embark on our next winter chapter.

Stokes Bay, Gosport

Stokes Bay, Gosport

It was quite strange on our return. We had undergone a massive experience in a very short space of time; an acute learning curve costing blood, sweat and tears literally, but we came out smiling in the end. More of that another time. IMAG0918British winters are not necessarily the best time of the year. I know that if I’d been at home I would have seen little daylight during the working week, the garden wouldn’t have required much input if the weather managed to be half decent at a weekend so I’d probably have ended up falling asleep on the sofa watching some inane but addictive series recorded on the TV. I was surprised at how easily I could have slipped back into that pattern when we returned. Perusing the TV guide, I almost found myself picking up every series I used to follow. The reality check came when I realised that, as we would be out most evenings, some lunchtimes and had quite a lot of sorting out to do, I really wouldn’t have time to watch much and would miss subsequent episodes anyway. My guilty pleasure is that Nashville started a new season at the beginning of May so I was able to watch the first 4 episodes and look forward to completing the series on our return – I’m usually up a couple of hours before Roger so wont have to subject him to it.

My other lapses have been Graham Norton, not just because I like his programme but also because his guests are topical i.e. have something to plug so have updated us on films, TV etc. I didn’t realise that I’d left him on series link but we have enjoyed catching up with the popular culture we’ve missed over winter. (I thought we’d be able to watch some newly released films on this flight but the first leg had no screens or audio and the in-flight entertainment on this leg is so dire we haven’t even bought headphones!) My trawling through guests’ bins on changeover days had elicited some Sunday papers but that option will not be available to us at the ranches or will be Canadian papers at best. The internet connections are not going to be great either so we may struggle with BBC news and I’m not paying to download each week’s Sunday Times when I chuck half of it away when I can obtain it. Consequently, we will be severely out of touch with national and foreign affairs by the time we return – how lovely. Actually it really isn’ t all that good as we want to keep an eye on where is safe to travel to next. ‘Have I got news for you’ (which is also recording) isn’t quite up to the standard of previous years but will help to fill in some of the more contentious and salacious gaps.

We are flying with Iceland Air via Rekjavik, the service is perfectly adequate but no meals included. Whoever wrote the menu descriptions perhaps needs to get out more or maybe this is the Icelandic sense of humour! See photo IMAG0922 Currently we are  over Greenland, it is difficult to differentiate the white of the clouds from the fields of snow. There are mountains, rising up like molar teeth rather than the canines of the Alps, from the ice-flows off the coast (hopefully illustrated by the photo) but now the tundra looks very flat. 5 hours to go, I think I’ll say bye for now, have my sandwiches (yeah! for Genius gluten-free bread, at last, a decent loaf) and start my book.IMAG0923

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