11. The Clinic

imag3802The ladies (and gent) have arrived for Genine’s Colt Breaking Clinic for Ladies. One has brought her husband along for the trip and he is proving a good ‘playmate’ for Rob. There is also Abbey, who it transpires, is like an assistant teacher and is excellent at it, particularly at doing horse impressions! She has her children with her, aged 4 and 8, who are suitably entertained by the 2 baby goats Genine bought for the purpose, who promptly ate the the flowers in our carefully nurtured flowerbed! Another woman has also brought her 5 year old son, 3 horses and a rather lovely, but not very well behaved, border collie. So its fairly busy. Into the middle of all this arrived an English couple and their friend (who had left his wife behind in the UK as she is 7.5 months pregnant) for a couple of nights. They had come to collect Ludo, the Kelpie pup, so we are missing her.

We are kind of on the periphery of all this. We have Frankie to work on but also all the surrounding work to do. Myrte has taken over the household and childcare role and we have been joined by a more mature Kiwi woman, LJ, who will be staying on after we all leave. We and Myrte plan to leave with the ladies on the last day. We have extended our stay at Genine’s request but it has meant a complete change to our continuing plans and we are no longer going up to Cooktown near Cairns. Judging by the current temperatures here that comes as a bit of a relief because at times it is almost unbearably hot and muggy and its not even summer!

imag3803imag3735We have been doing a bit of work in the clinic and have been watching the others start to handle our charges of the past 3 weeks. Roger found himself a suitable perch in the tree, from which he could get down which is more than can be said for Charlie who has flown up into one of the yard trees and now can’t get down! Has anyone ever heard of a bird getting stuck up a tree? Robert is rather reluctant to concede and get the cherry picker out to retrieve him when he can fly and is an adept climber but has taken fright about 30 feet up. It hasn’t prevented him from showing off his plumage to all the little birds fluttering around him, demonstrating how easy it is to fly away!

imag3807imag3808Frankie is progressing really well and we think that she should be top of the class considering how much younger she is, probably only 12-18 months, whereas the others start at around 3 years old. We have been working on getting her haltered, then disengaging (for the horsey people among you), following on the lead rope and then desensitising to all sorts of worrying noises and sensations including this tarpaulin which we had already draped all over her.

imag3814We have also enjoyed watching little Emmy-Lou getting stronger every day. She has been discovering what her legs can do so charges around a really quite rocky paddock with the sure-footedness of a mountain goat, bucking, rearing and both at the same time on top of mounds, but still looks quite unsteady when walking, standing or turning round. Lily, our other mum-to-be looks to be getting really fed up with the inactivity of her body. With it being her first pregnancy it is apparently much more difficult to predict when she will foal, could be any time soon or may not be for a while despite the signs. She is a beautiful pale brown/blonde colouring so hopefully will have an equally pretty babe. I just hope we get to see it and even better if it is from our grandstand view from our abode in the ‘shed’! There have got to be some perks for being out here.

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