12. This week

Not much has happened this week and we are back to the weekend with no plans which is just as well as its raining, lots! We are probably the only people in the region who weren’t hoping for rain but it is needed for the crops, grass etc but also to reduce the dust. Anyway its due to improve from tomorrow ready for the upcoming holiday weekend.

Locota having a paddy

Locota having a paddy

When we returned from our days out last weekend we had new NEIGHbours (haha, get it?) Locota had been turned out for the first time in his life, into the paddock beside our bedroom window which remains open due to the heat. Doc was next to him so we managed to sleep until he started bellowing at 6am. Doc was moved back into the stables that night because the tree sap was spoiling his coat!. Locota was not impressed with being left alone and bellowed all night! Brooks was moved the other side of him the following day and stayed there for 2 nights, completely ignoring his shenanigans but he has left completely now. We were assured that Locota would have company soon, a baby mini donkey! yes, really, but would that be any quieter? I have my doubts but it hasn’t materialised yet.

I find it very difficult to warm to this stallion, he is like a spoilt child. It is hardly his fault that he has been so pampered, much like a spoilt child being caused by the parents. He has also had some misfortune as well, prior to being bought. It is quite common amongst these performance horses for the nerve to their tail to be severed so that it swishes better when spinning in front of the judges – this is illegal in Europe. It results in him being unable to get rid of flies on his back half and not lift his tail properly when he poos. Whilst he is pampered and washed everyday, that’s not too bad but I can’t see it being cleaned regularly when he finally makes it out to pasture. He almost doesn’t know how to be a real horse which is quite sad really (but not at 3am!) These horses don’t really have much pasture at the best of times, their food is quite concentrated and doesn’t take long to eat so then what do they do? Normal horses spend most of their day grazing but what if there is nothing to graze?

Psycho Dad and son!

Psycho Dad and son!

He has company again now, not Doc, he’s in a paddock at the other end of the ranch where, presumably, the trees don’t have sap. Waylon, Tracy’s gelding, is now his neighbour and his son but he wouldn’t know that. He is a lovely young horse and thinks he’s a dog, much like Two at Ubar, wanting to give and receive affection and attention all the time. Locota has been trying to assert his authority but Waylon manages to keep just out of reach, helped by the electric fence, and then just walks away when he’s had enough, much to Locota’s frustration. They can be friendly sometimes and it will do the stallion good to see all the positive feedback and treats he receives as a result of being nice.

That's better

That’s better

IMAG1404IMAG1403Doc is now on the far side of MissG, who is intrigued about what goes on over her stall wall. Joker, a 2 year old, is on the other side and whilst lovely himself, is too immature for her, with his traffic cone toys and a ball, when Sammy (dog) hasn’t pinched it for himself. IMAG1401IMAG1402

We are puppy sitting Sammy this weekend as Gaylene and Isa have gone away for a few days and Ben (son here) is out and about. Its rather nice having him in the cabin as he is very sweet, even though he’s a pitbull! and very well behaved and fairly obedient to new masters. We are a bit concerned about losing him though as he has been known to run off but usually with Bella, the house dog, but she’s away too. The rain deterred us from going out for a walk but it wasn’t fair on him so when it lightened up a bit I jumped in the golf buggy and drove to the other end of the ranch and back with Sammy running along beside me. Not a bad way for him to get some exercise as those things can do a decent pace.


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