13. Holiday week!

After a light week last week, only 6 guests, we have none this week so have moved in to the chalet, as caretakers of course. The guys left at 5am on Saturday and as Tim, the owner, was amongst them, neither of us needed to come in to see them off. Our usual ‘worst’ day didn’t start until 10am when we took our bags down the hill and still did a reasonable job of turning the chalet round, mostly, to save having to do it later in the week. At the moment, we only have 4 people booked in for the following week.

This is the quiet period and perhaps just as well as the weather hasn’t been great since the big dumps of snow at the beginning of last week. It has been raining! I don’t need to say what that means to a sodden British contingent but this is quite a contrast to our experience last year when it didn’t rain until March. We have not rushed out to ski in the poor visibility, waiting instead, for the sun to shine. It appears that we may need to wait until next week for that to happen, so fingers crossed. This grey, dreary weather doesn’t make for nice photos, hence their absence here.

IMAG2340IMAG2339If we had to spend a week cooped up in an Alpine resort this chalet must be one of the better places to have to do so. We have plenty of space as it sleeps 14 although that is very crowded, but for 2 it is beautifully spacious. We have access to a sauna and a hot tub, if we feel so inclined, which we will! We also have Sky TV so can keep up with the news. We are a Saturday change over so I will not be able to pilfer anyone’s Sunday paper and have only managed 1 Saturday newspaper so far so Sky is quite useful to keep in touch. It also means that we can occupy ourselves cosily watching films whilst the clouds seep up the valley and the wind rattles the shutters (and closes some of the chairlifts)

We may venture back to the apartment a couple of times but that will involve catching the bus (or walking up the very steep or long hill, depending which route we take) but as we have a bit of an issue with the bus service we may not be welcome on them by certain drivers. We are in dispute as to whether they should be stopping on the night circuit to pick us and/or our guests up. It may transpire that our stop isn’t on the night route although they still have to drive past it. We had a bit of an altercation with a driver the other night, who didn’t speak English but I think we all made ourselves understood. He appeared to consider that it was his job just to drive the bus up and down the hill and not pick up potential passengers, just stick to his timetable with an empty bus. Perhaps this is the infamous French version of ‘service’! Meanwhile we are very happy here.

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2 Responses to 13. Holiday week!

  1. Tim says:

    don’t get too bored, have a great week 🙂

    • Gill Smith says:

      We are trying not to get bored, watching the storms coming up the valley is quite interesting though. Just annoying you can’t see them from the hot tub!

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