13. Working hard

IMAG1976IMAG1977We have been pretty busy, hence the lack of posts but lots of photos to catch up with. Fence mending takes quite a lot of our time, even more when we have four-legged helpers! It took all morning but we finally managed to saw down all the trees which had fallen across the fences and re-attach the barbed wire. Not easy when a horse decides to rest its head on your shoulder whilst sawing or leaning on your back when you’re bending over to reach the lower levels. fortunately it tended to be Flynn, the 3 year old and not one of the Belgians! These forest ponies are so friendly we really enjoy our trek out night and morning on the off chance of seeing them.




IMAG1980IMAG1981Another task has been to clear the trail along the lakeside for tomorrow’s open trail ride, possibly up to 30 people coming. We had to take the chain saw and some fuel on a sledge across several fields to the start of the woods where we did carry it on foot down to the lake. Guess who was riding the only horse strong and steady enough to tow it? Yep, the least competent and confident rider in our little group. It is said that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, I am now stronger! More of that when we get home.

12021889_1029735867082611_594640468_nIMAG1985Once we were able to drop of the sled for the following day’s work, we had to assess what would need cutting back and had a lovely ride along the water’s edge, unencumbered. As we approached we were met with the astounding noise of hundreds of waterfowl taking off at once. They are gathering in the area to head south for the winter. Temperatures regularly drop to minus 30 and the ice becomes 2 to 3 metres thick. The snow geese have started to arrive from the north, winter is definitely on its way but hasn’t arrived just yet.


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  1. Tim says:

    looks like you have graduated as rancher/farmer/woodmen. Presumably it was Gill towing the sledge, looking pretty damn good on the critters now. Is that a challenge to arm wrestle when you get home, not sure about that one, although I shall put an advert in the paper and get you some work lined up, got quite a list for you myself. If Roger hasn’t seen any rugby world cup he must watch highlights of the Japan RSA game, he’ll be out wrestling bears afterwards. We’re having a late summer warm spell, lovely! xx

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