14. Birthday

IMAG1457Roger didn’t get much of a birthday so we decided to combine our celebrations which just happen to fall on mine. Tracy and her husband, Jamie, took us to a lake near their house where we spent a lovely relaxing afternoon soaking up the sun, having excursions into the fairly clean water and trying to tempt her dog, Emmett, a border collie/something cross, in for a swim. We went around the far side where it was much quieter and we could observe the learner wake-boarders and water skiers from a comfortable distance. The only people to come close were the paddle-boarders and they we very quiet and peaceful. A few geese were bobbing along when i went in for a second swim. I thought they might not be scared as my head was considerably smaller than their bodies but they weren’t letting me near. The whole summer holiday scene was supervised by the towering snow-covered peaks of Mt Baker and Mt Rainier, part of the Mt St Helens’ chain, but no sign of any volcanic activity fortunately.IMAG1458

IMAG1461We arranged to meet them again in the evening to go to the rodeo in Abbotsford at the Fraser Valley Agrifair. The sun was descending as we arrived but it was still very warm. We sat on a, less than green, (dead) grassy bank overlooking the arena and watched some steer wrestling followed by roping. One has to question the sanity of those partaking in the former event as most competitors seemed to limp off, particularly those who missed the animal altogether. Those who managed to get him off his feet by twisting his horns didn’t seem to limp as much but I suspect they did more later when their adrenalin rush had diminished.

IMAG1462One of the main attractions of the event was the evening performance of Dreams, a Fleetwood Mac tribute band, which did not disappoint. It must have been a bit demoralising for them though as the audience was quite limited. Quite a few young children were interspersed throughout as the whole show is very family orientated and bedtime must have arrived as so many people departed during the performance. Tracy and Jamie left too but she had a good excuse as she was so tired, having a cleaning business, milking job and an errant 16 year old son! We had to get up, from our seated position on the grass in the centre, before the end but only because we were getting so uncomfortable. We watched the final few numbers from the side so that we didn’t obscure anyone’s view, something of which other people did not seem to be aware! So this photo of them performing under the moon wasn’t our view for the whole show, just choice towards the end.

We had been going to go on a road trip for the following few days, through Vancouver and along the Sea to Sky highway to Whistler and beyond. However, this transpiring to be the equivalent of a bank holiday weekend meant that we couldn’t find any accommodation anywhere. Tracy had leant us her tent but we couldn’t even book a campsite. The less well serviced ones worked on a first come first served basis and it was too much of a gamble in case we didn’t find one and were stuck. Also Tracy had kindly offered us her car in place of the truck as it is more reliable and better on hills so we hadn’t hired a vehicle. On Saturday though, it decided to break down. Jamie also told us that there was a massive festival in Whistler and with a forecast of over 30 degrees again we decided to postpone (not that we had much choice with no vehicle and nowhere to stay). So we decided to go back to the show on Sunday, the penultimate of the 4 day event.

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