14. The Lull

The usual view!

The usual view!

In this, our holiday week, we expected to be able to ski quite a lot and then relax our aching muscles in the hot tub afterwards. Well, we have managed that for one afternoon, and it was glorious, both the skiing and the hot tub. Most of the time we have been here we have been looking out onto a snowy vista and it is that same view again today. We may even have to resort to setting up the chalet for Saturday as that, at least, will give us a reprieve then. We will make the most of it though as we now have the bookings for the rest of the season and after next week we are virtually full until April!

We have been enjoying this R&R. Sleeping in, taking coffee and books back to bed, watching films on Sky, catching up with series on Netflix. Our latest set is Weeds. We were given series 4 and 5, amanaged to get hold of series 3 but were sent Madagascar instead of series 1 and 2! Not a great deal of use! Anyway, we have caught up with 1 and 2 so will be able to use the DVDs when we are back at the flat. We have exhausted series 1-4 of Game of Thrones already (if anyone has season 5……?) so have been very diligent with our viewing but it certainly illustrates the additional time we have available this year both from better working arrangements but also less good skiing weather.

IMAG2401IMAG2403The guys in Undies must think we are real softies as they always ask if we’ve been up the hill when we go in but usually we are saying ‘no’ as its not much fun with poor visibility even if we did really enjoy playing in the fresh powder yesterday.IMAG2405 The forecast was almost 100% accurate when it told us that the morning clouds would clear for a sunny afternoon and that’s exactly what it did bit it was cold. This was the first time in this resort that the moisture on my buff over my nose froze! We couldn’t even get very high up as all the top, snow-blasted lifts were closed, possibly due to controlled avalanche explosions being set off around the bowl. Still, we had a super time and are doing more and different things to last year as I had feared merely a repeat.

We almost felt part of the community earlier in the week when we went to the local cinema to watch Star Wars. Fortunately it was the original version with French subtitles so perfect for us. Shane and Owen from Undies wee there with some friends and we felt very old when Owen admitted to never having seen a Star Wars film! We were pleased to see a return to the original format and suggested he skip episodes 1,2 & 3.

Dave Gareth and Shane

Dave Gareth and Shane

Gareth, Dave and Shane

Gareth, Dave and Shane

We had taken up the last day bus which got us in to resort early so enjoyed an apres ski session in Undies from the guys and even appreciated Dave doing an acoustic version of AC/DC’s Thunderstruck on request (I kept trying to see if you were hiding behind a pillar Mandy). I don’t think there is anything that guy can’t play, his dexterity is incredible. They have brought in some mew tracks for this season but all our still perfect for our taste. Shane has become a more consistent percussionist and lives just along from the chalet so we have enlisted him in our campaign to improve the night bus service as we can’t have the audience waiting for the band because the bus had driven past the drummer!

imageThe hot tub has been a blessing for many guests after a hard days skiing so we were very thankful to sink into it last night. The only draw back is that is outside which necessitates a freezing dash from the building, round the corner and up a small step ladder into the cabin a few inches wider than the tub itself in the snow and ice. But the icicles dangling off the roof look very pretty. It is going to be moved to the front of the chalet under the soon-to-be extended balcony which will have a fantastic view but if the wind was anything to go by the other day it may be a bit breezy and exposed there. The little wooden cabin is rather quaint.

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  1. Mandy says:

    Shame I missed the band Gill….I’m having a bit of a lull ATM from my AC/DC tribute bands so having to make up for it with my extensive CD collection and great speakers at home ? (maybe if they are around next season and you are back there too, I might get to hear them then?) …..now there’s a thought!!!! xx

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