16. Random photos (sorry Caroline!)

We have got Sunday afternoon off to relax. After a very cold Saturday, 3.5mm of rain overnight and a fair t’middlin’ morning, the wind has increased and the intermittent gaps in the clouds have sealed off completely so the fire is lit and we are huddled inside. Nothing exciting to say so just an opportunity to catch up with a random selection of photos which haven’t fitted in anywhere to date.

IMAG2826IMAG2827IMAG2828Roger experienced his first opportunity to drive a tipper truck since his Tonka Toys days!






IMAG2855IMAG2856We did manage to cut a respectable amount of wood despite my decision that a broken ankle would be preferable to being mauled by a (non-poisonous) huge huntsman spider, running up the log towards me, away from Roger whilst I was stood on some posts on the back of the flatbed trailer! There are still some strange looking animals around even if they aren’t all dangerous, such as this waspy type thing.


IMAG2892IMAG2893When clearing a large area over at the dump we were surprised how little wildlife we came across bar several lizards. We did manage to disturb a rather small snake and a considerably larger-than-last-time scorpion, although no braver as it scuttled away to try to hide again. The only animal of interest was this rather fat, sluggish reptile which may have been a Sleepy Lizard but was actually a Bearded Dragon.

IMAG2890IMAG2860Australia is not the only country to produce opals but even here on Wintinna Station the conditions are almost suitable. Jake picked up these pieces of ‘pooch’ which have still undergone the same process but without the development of the multi-coloured flashes. You can see the cleaner bluer bits of stone on the cut edges of some of these pieces on the saucer.

On another note, Aussies aren’t known for their subtlety, perhaps wisely so in some instances such as this not infrequent roadsign.



IMAG2723IMAG2724I can’t remember if I uploaded this photo of Roger with his proudly constructed, 2 section compost heap so here it is just in case. At the same time I noticed this pumpkin trying to hide in a lemon tree but not very well disguised!



IMAG2818IMAG2674IMAG2689And some beautiful sunsets to finish with.







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3 Responses to 16. Random photos (sorry Caroline!)

  1. Tim says:

    Roger has found his niche in life, a big lorry and overalls suit him well. Great photos as always. The country is in turmoil and democracy has led to demands for another referendum, presumably if we have enough, a conclusion may be achieved to please us all.Lets hope the dust settles soon.

  2. Mandy says:

    Beautiful photos!! Thank you for the regular updates. It’s great to have a real insight into your daily routines and adventures.
    If the EU debarcle here doesn’t settle down soon, I may be flying out to join you!!! Xx

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