16c. Last episode of that week

The guests were not happy with the chalet, they felt it had been ‘mis-sold’ although we have persuaded the owners to be as accurate as possible in the description. ‘Under promise and over deliver’ seems to provide better reviews than the converse, even if that may give better booking rates but then people can be very disappointed. The guests were happy with the interior, almost glowing in their compliments, but outside it was the ‘worst ski in/ski out’ he’d stayed in. He hadn’t read the details which describe explicitly the location of the pistes. Also the access down drive with pushchair was difficult. Perhaps this was due to the tonnage of snow which has fallen this winter. He wasn’t complaining about the effect from that on the piste. He isn’t the first (actually the second in three years) to complain about the universal distribution of snow. They want it for skiing but not walking, hmmm? The buses weren’t pushchair friendly, neither was the channel in our drive but then don’t pushchairs fold-up, if you take the baby out?

Where’s Roger?

One reprieve materialised early afternoon on Friday. They wouldn’t want the evening meal, they’d eat out, pizza. I think they’d had enough of us but not as much as we’d had of them. However, they still wanted their wine quota for the evening left out so we would have to go back to the chalet to do that. What they didn’t know was that we had to go back anyway. The chicken breasts had been prepared that morning for the evening meal but as they weren’t fully thawed, had been left on the side. We had to put them in the fridge so we could use them for the first meal for guests the following night. We weren’t going to waste all that preparation. Also our shopping and laundry delivery had failed to make it up the hill that morning due to the conditions, but she was going to valiantly try again that afternoon, so we arranged to meet her as she just managed to succeed on this second attempt.

We went out for an excellent fillet steak that night as reward to ourselves for enduring this bunch. There was no tip as they left, I could have given them a few, verbal not financial. As we striped the messiest rooms we’ve had all season I found €20 on the bedside table, left by I suspect a rather embarrassed Granddad

I managed to get rid of the sticky finger-painting on the mirrors and windows but have no idea what had been trodden into the floor in one of the bedrooms, seemed like soft toffee-apple toffee, but had to clean the bottom of my shoes 3 times as it was sooo sticky and then mop it twice. I think we cleared up all the wheatos and dried cranberries before they became trodden into the carpet in the upstairs bedroom and the snug, but had to scrub the dried posset (baby puke) piles in that bedroom. Babies are free! Why is beyond me. They may not cost much in food but they create more work than 6 adults in time clearing up after every meal and at the end.

The snow began falling again, immediately after their early departure and continued for 6 hours dumping 2 more feet on the banks. The next guests were delayed by 4 hours down in the valley where it only rained. We managed to convince them that this would produce wonderful conditions the following morning. They seemed pleasant enough but my guard shot up at breakfast when a rather bumptious guy asked if we had any boots he could borrow. He had worn his own excellent (expensive) boots but their grip was poor (rubbish) so could he borrow a pair of ours to go and buy another (proper) pair? Does asking to borrow someone’s boots in winter in the Alps equate to asking for the shirt off our back? Both our pairs were too small for him but he decided that he’d manage in Roger’s. I enquired if none of the other 5 guys in his group wore a larger size. He hadn’t even asked them!

View from Le Spot

Apart from him the rest of the group were a nice bunch, including his delightful pregnant wife. Perhaps one week wasn’t long enough to recognise his redeeming qualities. Unfortunately one of the friendlier guys was beaten up outside a club on their main night out. We don’t hear about this happening in recent years but then we are not in contact with those who may know, like we were in our first year. Nothing like an excess of alcohol to get the testosterone rampaging.

We had a couple of super sessions on the hill. I find it easier to ski than walk at the moment, no real weight transference. I am still very wary of other people but the resort has quietened down considerably now that the peak holiday period is over and we can get a seat at Le Spot!

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