18. Back at the Station

IMAG2922Meanwhile back at the station Prince Peter and his harem decided to pay a visit. The cattle are almost feral as their contact with humans is minimal apart from the occasional muster. It isn’t mustering time at the moment in case anyone was wondering why we hadn’t done any. However, Peter was bottle fed 4 years ago and hasn’t forgotten his surrogate parents, his ladies and their babies are not so confident (despite them having other partners as Peter is a bullock!) He had rolled up the previous day but in Frankie and Jake’s absence we did not know how friendly he would be as he approached the garden gate so kept it closed. His group had wandered off but Jake decided to get them back as it helps for the rest of them to be a little familiar with being handled.

IMAG2917Jake musters and does much of the checking of the far flung reaches of the station, on motorbike so he brought the harem back to the yard under the roar of an engine. They eventually trotted into the pen to join Caspar, who seemed quite concerned initially but then curiosity took over and he tried to make friends with them. Lamby hasn’t been very interesting of late.

IMAG2924IMAG2923Once they settled down Peter was very receptive to having his coat brushed as he had liked when he was younger. It was fortunate that he is still quite docile as he has grown into a rather huge bullock despite the lack of testosterone. The evening light showed all the cattle up in their glorious tones of browns, reds, honey and creams.IMAG2920

IMAG2931IMAG2938On the way back to the house we couldn’t resist lighting the pile of wood that had accumulated when Jake bulldozed the trees in the yard. It took a bit of lighting as there was a significant amount of soil in and amongst as well as being fairly fresh but with a little persuasion from farmers’ lighter (diesel) we managed to get it started and it burned for 3 days.

The following morning we had another visitor, a wild bull camel! He came trotting over the far hill on his own. He had a look at the yard, possibly spotting Caspar, then trekked off along the ridge and back over the hill again. He may have been from the camel spirit world, telling the young Caspar not to worry! Later that day we noticed that their seemed to be some fresh blood and serous fluid leaking down his injured leg. He may have got over active when the cows had been in his pen, not that they seemed to be paying him much attention, but the bone, the fracture of which presumably was the injury, had penetrated his skin. Unfortunately, as a wild animal there was little prospect for him, also being lame and now getting worse there was only one conclusion. The bull camel must have known something as it is the first one which has been near here since our arrival over 3 weeks ago. A sad ending to the day.IMAG2934

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