18. Still here!

So, plans are fluid and we are still here. We were going to be picked up this evening by Marilyn’s other helpers after their day’s work at the stockyard. Before they arrived Kelly received a message telling her that the other 20 cows were in a neighbour’s hayfield, fortunately harvested! She hadn’t seen them on either of our trips to capture bulls and whilst not unduly concerned as we didn’t cover the whole of the north ranch either day she had noted that she hadn’t seen them.

Hannah and Lisa would have been able to help retrieve them but Lisa’s arrival had been delayed until late tomorrow night or even the next morning and Hannah had managed to sprain her ankle quite badly getting off Brandy when we were doing the gates this morning and by this evening had seized up. To top all that Marilyn was stuck 3 hours away in Lloydminster where she had taken Bruce, her husband for the sleep clinic but they wanted him to spend another night there.

Mook, Tamarack and Flash

Mook, Tamarack and Flash

Tango, Fudd and O

Tango, Fudd and O

The obvious solution was for us to stay another night and help out tomorrow despite having packed! Its not that we are eager to leave but this has been a bit of a roller-coaster, although overall positive, we are still looking forward to the ambience of Marilyn’s but here we are for another day and have been told that it is an early start tomorrow! Not sure what time it would be if we hadn’t agreed to stay!. It did mean that we could see more of the geldings as we returned the lesson horses to their field and also the lovely forest equines who follow us, much like a pied piper, whenever they are around for our gate openings.

Brothers O and Slim

Brothers O and Slim


Forest horses in line



Migrating geese (need to enlarge!)

Overhead tonight were incessant flocks of Canada geese heading to Mexico for their winter jollies, except for one poor soul who having started to fly south with one of the groups obviously forgot something and was flying north again, alone. Perhaps it had caught the wrong flight! Anyway, we have retrieved toothbrushes and underwear from our immaculately packed luggage (not) and are set for another night, not having changed the bed as we will be in it again at the weekend. Early start tomorrow! how did that happen?!IMAG2130

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2 Responses to 18. Still here!

  1. Tim says:

    Got a sprained ankle aint you some kind of nurse? Cows in the hay, could anything be worse ? Geese are flying backwards, perhaps it is a curse,Don’t know where you’re living, no point in getting flustered.
    Who you gonna call ?
    Saddle up 🙂
    before you say it,no, it doesn’t go with the tune xx

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