19. Kata Tjuta (The Olgas)

IMAG3458IMAG3479It had seemed like a very long way to come just to see Uluru, even if the previous evening’s display had been mesmerising; so our trip would include visits to 2 more natural wonders in the area. The following morning we were out of our swags at 5am to watch the sunrise over the 13 accumulated domes, comprising Kata Tjuta. Unfortunately on this occasion the skies did not really oblige as the clouds prevented the sensational effects of the day before. IMAG3487IMAG3499IMAG3498Undeterred, we started a walk through these heads and up to a magnificent view down into the valley ahead. These rocks, although quite close to Uluru, about 20 minute drive away, were quite different. They were conglomerate stone and whilst looking quite crumbly were, in fact, pretty solid in the greater time scale. Nothing had moved during a 4.7 Richter scale earthquake a few months previously. They also displayed only a 15 degree tilt and their relative proximity was due to both structures being at the adjacent edges of two different geological developments.







After a rapid descent from Kata Tjuta we set off in the minibus for the 300km trip to Kings Canyon camp site broken only by a comfort and another firewood collection stop.

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