19. More bits and bobs

IMAG1286I have an assortment of photos which haven’t really fitted into the other chapters or didn’t warrant a specific mention but as photos are either quite nice or explicit of some feature so this is a selection of those.

This heater was in the back of the trailer and just struck me as quite absurd. Would there still be an electricity supply after an explosion or even a need for a heater in that heat but this is a genuine sign.

IMAG1337We had been invited to use the house patio so I took this opportunity one evening when everyone was out, to enjoy reading my book by the setting sun. The alternative is our patio/decking which is none too shabby.IMAG1456 (1) IMAG1455 (1)The evening sun shines directly onto Waylon and Locota bringing out their beautiful colours. Waylon, Locota’s son, does have a definite burgundy reddish tinge, particularly in his mane whilst Locota himself is almost bronze in this low light.IMAG1561IMAG1562

Tracy took us to where her horse is trained by Brent who has a stable on the property belonging to Ken, a cartoonist who made his money from Ed and Ed (??!) on cartoon network in the 1990s. Whilst she was washing down Waylon after his lesson he approached us asking if we wanted to see his bison! He hailed from Dundee originally and had holidayed in Skegness as a boy. This property was his latest challenge where he wanted to keep and breed bison, who are not particularly socialised, but we were very privileged that they approached and were fed whilst strangers were around. It was a bit tricky in the barn as his pets were a tiny rat/chihuahua which was easily trodden on (oops!) and a rescue puppy with a lot of border collie in him, yet another animal with one blue and one brown eye. It would be interesting to come back in a few years and see how he is getting on. In his own words he described the property as how to make a big fortune into a small fortune! Different world!IMAG1508

IMAG1447Having been stranded for quite a few weeks with only the bikes for transport, once Tracy offered the use of her truck, Gaylene asked us to run an errand for her (to get the drinks for Isa’s leaving party) and we could take her 5L Mustang! Roger was in his element, particularly when we put the top down as it was a lovely day. It is for sale (as is everything, including the ranch) and there is some interest in it but at least we took it out before it disappears, we were just a bit concerned leaving it parked outside the liquor store.IMAG1444

IMAG1452On the way back, just as we were approaching the ranch, we were treated to a mother and fawn at the side of the road. The baby crossed in front of us and then realised mum was on the other side so boinged along the verge ahead of the car for about 100yds before diving into the undergrowth. Friday morning I think it was the same pair we saw by the log house just grazing quietly in the area by the blueberries. They seemed to be aware of us but we kept our distance and enjoyed the total tranquillity of the scene.IMAG1581


Our view point was the same one we’d used a couple of nights previously when we’d been star gazing. We were watching for the predicted meteor shower which didn’t disappoint. Roger was laid back across 2 chairs and I ended up lying on my back on the the table, looking straight up. We were treated to 1 ‘ordinary’ shooting star, here and gone in a split second out the corner of your eye. Also 2 incredible light shows where they arced across the whole firmament, we even heard the neighbours cheering. The most impressive was one which seemed to be on a different trajectory, coming towards us, so appeared much slower. We could even discern the fire as it burnt up. We waited to be pelted with debris but fortunately, that didn’t happen.IMAG1577

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