2. Showjumping

The temperature is rising, its due to be 36 tomorrow, our tan lines are like navvies, brown face, arms and back of neck, rest is white despite wearing shorts now instead of the jeans and wellies I started in! Not the best conditions for physical work so we are rising earlier and earlier. Unfortunately yesterday that just resulted in a longer day for me as during our afternoon ‘break’ I had the pleasure of accompanying Esha on a shopping trip to Costco amongst other places. I think she hates retail therapy as much as I do but as we both like to eat we accept the necessary evil. I’d been put on gardening duties (not leave!) in the morning and was relieved to be able to chose to do most of the work in the shade of the redwoods. I emerged every so often to go to move the hose along the spruce border near the blueberry patch. Watering the latter is one of the evening tasks which can be lovely and relaxing in the cooler temperatures with the birdsong and fountain for music except that last night the people renting the log house were having a party so I was serenaded by ‘Highway to hell’. Our host cooked steak on the BBQ for tea and we were joined by her son Ben, and his mate as well as 2 starving canines (if you believe their beseeching eyes) Sammy and Bella. I volunteered to wash up whilst the boys went to give some hormone treatment to 2 of the mares. I’ve yet to determine why (and how they manage when there are no males around) but female humans shouldn’t be exposed to it.

IMAG1260We have a little prize orphaned foal here called Angel. Her mum died 2 days after birthing but Meg is a Supermum and even bags up every year although she doesn’t foal herself any more so she has adopted and feeds her. She has the lovely 2 coloured eyes as Jager at Ubar has. Angel has very sought-after facial markings illustrating her parentage but something to do with the extent of the whiteness (which results in sunburn!) also means that she is deaf. This seems so sad anyway but she is a delightful inquisitive little thing and very valuable to BarK2 ranch.

We were up even earlier this morning to complete the feeding, watering and applying of fly masks. The latter is the reason for the lack of photos as it does not produce a very becoming look! Then Gaylene was taking us to a show where her 15 year old niece was competing in the adult class for show jumping. She came a very credible 5th with 2 clear rounds at Thunderbird which is quite a prestigious event. She rode at 8.45 which was good as the day hadn’t become too hot. It was a massive event in a tiny little place with at least 4 competition arenas as well as the warm-up rings. The area was quite flat so I couldn’t get high enough to get a decent photo to illustrate the scope. She is coming here to stay for a week so we’ll hear more about it then. It is strange to observe more familiar horsemanship but I hope we get a chance to see a reining competition as well.




The horses here have their own paddocks but some need company and so ‘minis’ are used. There are 3 here at present: Tinkerbell who lives with Dunner and Snickers and no-name are with Rio. No-name does have one but nobody knows what it is as these 3 are just liveried here whilst the owner is on holiday although Gaylene used to own Rio. As you can see Snickers doesn’t like to be sprayed with insect repellent!IMAG1251

We are back in our regular afternoon position under the shade of a redwood by the pool after a swim in a refreshing 28 degrees. We can lie here and listen to the wind in the trees and the occasional clip-clop of hooves along the trail on the other side of the fence, once Locota Chic has stopped bellowing at them from his stall.

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