20. Socialising


Don’t ask, its gone to his head!

After a fairly sedate 3 weeks on the social front things livened up as we concluded our first placement. Bailey decided we needed a night out to see us off and Friday nights at the Legion is karaoke! Sophie and Martina were certainly up for it. She arranged for Kent to escort us from the ranch, after we’d preloaded on jello shots and a game of ‘sociable’. I wont go into details but it was good fun and lovely sitting out in the evening sunshine even if I was doing my tomato impression again. IMAG1212IMAG1215

We headed into town but there was no karaoke at the Legion that night and it was pretty quiet. We decided to stay for one but during that time there was an invasion of fire-fighters including some people Bailey knew including a nice guy called Dan who stayed with us for the evening. He rolled up to the ranch a couple of days later, showing Roger some photos of the new fires they were dealing with. This coincided with Johnny starting to kick off. Despite his obvious bravery in his job he was first out the door of the arena, even beating Tyler and Joey’s little kids. Courage is a strange commodity.

We enjoyed the rest of the evening despite the band at another bar being universally judged to be awful the following day but everyone was too polite to say so at the time. The only scars from that evening was my split lip where I’d managed to collide with Bailey’s head on the dance floor, not sure how. We returned to the ranch about 2am. Martina wanted to start making pasta, not a chance! Our bed is in the communal kitchen building but there was no way I was going to accommodate someone’s munchies at that time. Guess who was the only one up to do the morning feed?

It was lovely first thing to be out there on my own with the horses in the cooler sunshine but feeling rather tired I decided that I would go back to bed afterwards but by the time I returned after an hour, Roger was up and dressed so no more sleep. I thought I’d done a pretty good job until the following day Bailey enquired who had fed the dogs that morning? I told her that I hadn’t given them anything as they hadn’t eaten their feed from the day before. She informed me that I’d put very expensive horse feed in their dishes. I quickly grabbed them back right out from under Brandy’s nose who seemed to have decided that it was all she was going to get so had just started eating it. Poor things must have been really hungry considering the way they gobbled down the correct food from a very similar looking adjacent container.

By late afternoon we were beginning to fade, having accommodated the children’s party and trail ride amongst other jobs. It was still very hot so we retired to the lakeside for a swim. Well, a paddle for Roger and I, I’m not sure Martina even managed that but Sophie went the whole hog in the rather chilly water. She was rewarded later by some attention from a very cute (and quiet) tiny puppy who adopted her from an adjacent group.IMAG1238IMAG1239 After completing the evening feed and making dinner Roger and I retired to bed early, about 9.30, missing the camp-fire later when the boys turned up from the clinic.


It was too hot to work on our last afternoon so we ended up just chatting in the shade of the open kitchen tent. IMAG1240Our last evening meal was provided courtesy of Bailey’s Mum and Dad. We had our first Alberta steak barbecued outside on their decking in the sunshine being overlooked by the Grande Cache hills. It was a very enjoyable evening and lovely to meet the parents after all the time we’ve spent with their daughter who we will miss terribly and really appreciate how much she made our first experience so wonderful.


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