21. Icicles

IMAG2437We have been watching our ever-lengthening icicles dripping down from the roof above our flat. Their structure endorsed the riddle of an unfound murder weapon, these could do some serious damage. I thought I’d heard their demise the other morning but it was just a car struggling to ascend the gentle incline at the back of the block. In fact, we concluded that it was the same vehicle which had been attempting to move as we’d arrived back at the flat nearly an hour previously. They had asked Roger to help push but he guiltily declined citing his shoulder injury but as he was no longer wearing his sling it didn’t look to authentic but I’m pleased he protected his arm. It would have helped them if they’d had snow chains in situ. It does make you wonder how much snow there had to be before these people consider that they are required. It is not uncommon for us to see cars stationary in the middle of the main road up the hill whilst these are applied. Why? Isn’t it fairly obvious to see when they’re needed and particularly where!

IMAG2414-1Anyway, on our day off, we were just relaxing in the flat when we heard an almighty thundering and crash. Although it was an unfamiliar sound we knew, immediately, what it was and ran to the window as snow and icicles further along came cascading down. It may not have been the most sensible thing to do but I opened the window to look out and watch the spectacle only to be shouted at by a Frenchman on the ground. I couldn’t understand a word he said but considered the gist to be ‘close the window (stupid woman)’! It transpired that this was a controlled removal of these weapons of potential serious harm and there was a man on the roof dislodging all the offending articles and excess snow. So no more monitoring the development of witches fingernails as the icicles form, snow slip forward a good few inches and then further stalactites form at the new vertical angle and so on until they are all warped and distorted. Meanwhile, the icicles at the chalet are an essential component of the gin and tonics!

More to follow tomorrow which was probably not suitable to post until they’d left!!

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  1. Tim says:

    brrr that all looks very chilly, you should try growing the icicles to suitable lengths and then play a tune on them. Pleased Roger is out of his sling, and not pushing cars about, its a dangerous game even for us able bodied. haha, I’m so sensible. Have fun, but be careful 🙂

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