22. Nightmare guests

 IMAG2442Well, after one of our most enjoyable weeks we were hit with the family from hell. Not the entire family, primarily just the mother, but also a detached critical dad, a fussy eating 5 year old and precocious 7 year old. In addition there are 2 fifteen year old girls who appear to be a couple. They aren’t our first same sex couple by a long way but just seem rather young!! Most of the issues relate to the menu and I didn’t want to have to say ‘no’ to newly arrived guests but when mum asked me to go shopping the following day (in my own time!) for fresh milk (we use UHT apart from when I buy fresh for our own use and as a treat) and more yoghurts (not enough in total and definitely not enough strawberry flavoured) I politely refused. Roger also had to decline to make fried eggs for the evening meal when the one we had prepared – soup, chicken casserole with jacket potatoes and apple crumble, not too offensive – was ready. We don’t have a children’s’ menu but are happy to modify what we serve but not start making separate meals, particularly when we have 5 under 10s in the chalet this week.

IMAG2441The other party of 2 families, with two 3s, a 7 year old and grandma, were less trouble but when one child starts to see another having a different meal the whole situation is likely to escalate. Aforementioned mum had emailed our owners the first morning requesting ham, cheese, (neither of which we stock as we don’t provide lunch or snacks!) sliced white bread, (the fresh ‘pains’ from the bakery every morning are obviously inadequate) more fruit (apples, oranges, clementines and bananas already provided at breakfast – not snacks!) in the shape of grapes and strawberries, as well as the milk and yoghurts. Fortunately I had given her the heads up the first night by texting that they were a nightmare so she was able to endorse the stated menu. It did leave me rather annoyed on that first evening as we made our way back up the hill at 11.15pm having started at 6.30am. I think it was a relatively harmless statement, but on approaching the bottle bank en route, to discard the full carrier bag contents, finding a car parked right up against the container was rather frustrating. I wasn’t prepared to wade through a 3 feet deep drift, squeezing down the side of the vehicle, so left the Kronenburg bottles along his windscreen. I don’t think he’ll block a bottle bank again! Roger walked past that way the following morning and noted the vehicle recently departed but no sign of the bottles so hopefully they got the message.

IMAG2443Anyway, they left today, having trashed the place and only 13 due in later :-$  So no relevant photos to illustrate this text, just some super dawn pictures from our early morning commute and showing the cloud lake below us which is some compensation.

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One Response to 22. Nightmare guests

  1. Mandy says:

    Oh dear….I guess it’s a hazard of the job and statistically probable that you will have to endure characters like the aforementioned at least once during your 6mth stint??
    That being said…you’ve had your quota now so you can relax and enjoy yet more much deserved gin and tonics (complete with icicles!!)
    Looking forward to taking you to the Tapas restaurant we went to on Friday…you won’t have to cook a thing and you can specially request icicles in your drinks if you like 😀
    Gorgeous blue sky here today…some consolation to the flu bug I appear to have been struck down with …the body feels like it’s been hit by a truck so work today should be fun….lol.
    Glad Roger is on the mend.
    Take care you two xx

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