23. Improvements

Roger back at Signal

Roger back at Signal

Things are looking up. I think last week was our low point but we have much better, more normal guests this week and Roger has been skiing! Despite being quite shattered from our long day on Saturday, Sunday was glorious so he decided to take the plunge and we went out for a couple of uneventful hours. Luig was so pleased to see us back at the cafe on Signal that we were given complementary chips which can’t be bad. I don’t think our absence had adversely affected his profits too much. Roger’s shoulder withstood the activity reasonably well and the weather has given him enforced resting time as it has deteriorated again even to the extent of raining!

This week we have a group of 7 blokes who we thought worked on the oil rigs but it transpires that none of them do but 3 do work in F1. They are from Fife and, despite my roots, seem to be a speaking a foreign language as they are so broad but we are getting used to it. They arrived a little late having gone into the poshest restaurant in town to ask directions and then negotiating the icy path down to the chalet with suitcases etc. One enterprising guy decided it was ridiculous to carry all his luggage so got his snowboard out of the fully packed bag and came down by the most appropriate method. Unfortunately, once they got themselves sorted there were only 6 bodies. One had managed to leave his suitcase at the restaurant so had gone back for it and hadn’t been seen since nor was he answering his phone. Whilst his mates picked the best rooms and opened a beer the poor party leader went back out to search for him, in the dark in an unknown area. By the time they materialised, not even bothering with the path, just coming straight over the edge of the hillside, they had to make do with the smallest room and a shared bathroom. That didn’t particularly matter the first night as the wanderer never even found his bedroom and slept on a sofa.

We also have a family from Rotherham, Mum, Dad and 2 adult daughters. This was going to be an interesting combination and despite their obvious inebriation on arrival, we tried to reassure the parents that the male party from the rigs, who we had last year, turned out to be one of the best groups of the season (fingers crossed behind back as a sample of one isn’t very conclusive). Anyway, these guys have endorsed that stereotype of partying hard but being decent and respectful, albeit accompanied by colourful language, even if they don’t work on the rigs.

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  1. Tim says:

    Nice one, pleased Roger is back to relative normality, and your guests have done the same. Hope the weather improves back to snow for you soon. Keep learning the Scottish,another language is always handy !

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