23. Rather a lot of Snow

Whilst not falling in the quantities of last year, we are being subjected to significant dumps of snow. It came down continually for the 2 days and nights over the weekend, light but persistent, to add to the not insignificant amount which fell last week. Roger seems to have been clearing snow from outside Mollard almost daily, even in the absence of guests, but veterans of this environment know that it is considerably easier to clear one foot of snow twice than to attempt to clear 2 feet, once.

The weather did concern the incomers to Loft, who arrived nearly 5 hours later than planned, although not due to road conditions. The heating wasn’t working in the luxury apartment and they weren’t mollified by the rise of the outside temperatures to -5. We managed to get the radiators fully functioning again an hour after they arrived and fortunately the inside temperature hadn’t dropped below 19.5 although dad conspicuously wore his coat. Their delay didn’t worry Roger as it meant that he could watch all of The 6 Nations match where Scotland trounced Italy and most of England beating Ireland.

The new people in Mollard are Aussies who live in Singapore. The adults hadn’t been in snow for 26 years and their three kids had never seen it. They were so excited to drive through falling snow and get out the transfer van into a deep blanket, being quite little they almost submerged into it. Walking through the gully to the chalet presented too much temptation not to lean over and lick the fresh snow. It was still very clean.

They arrived at 11am so we were finished by 1pm but instead of taking advantage of the time to go and play in the powder, and lacking Ruth and Lewis as incentives to get us out in poor visibility, we fell asleep whilst reading last Sunday’s Telegraph (I am just grateful for any newspaper we can obtain, ranging from The Mirror to The Times) and woke at 5pm. The snow had built up on the central reservation to such an extent that it was nearly the height of a van. The roads are systematically cleared, usually at 5am for the stretch outside our window, but pavements seem to require 2 days of fall to justify equipment, by which time the surface has been compressed into ice. Snow gathers on our inside window sill by morning as we open the window slightly at night because the radiator is not very adjustable. During the day, two tea-towels, which had been used to soak up the over-night condensation, act as draught excluders. Now they are convenient to clear up the snow inside at the start the day.

I have become preoccupied with the crows which alight the building behind us in the mornings. However they are just circling now, not knowing where to land. Their usual perch on the balcony railings have too many inches of soft cover which, presumably, they’d sink into. The flock have to suffice with landing on the tree tops, swinging around on spindly stems, causing cascades onto branches below and creating avalanches down to the ground.

There is plenty of opportunity to ski on Monday afternoon as the forecast is sunshine and continues into Tuesday, when we will go snow-shoeing, courtesy of the company! So lots more photos after that.

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