27. Best Week?

Studio_20160310_153117Studio_20160310_153225We may have just had our best week, skiing-wise. The guests weren’t too bad either, very tidy and in total contrast to the previous week. They didn’t even complain when one of the boilers packed in, again, which must have limited their hot water. The previous time it happened the guests were pretty vocal about it. We do seem to lurch from extremes, most messy to tidyest and earlier in the season, nicest guests followed by worst, just to keep us on our toes.

Studio_20160310_153129Last weekend’s heavy snow, which marooned the truck of the departing young farmers, meant that conditions were great under foot/skis and we saw the sun almost everyday. I skied 3 times and Roger even managed a forth but the bottoms were getting slushy on Friday. More sun now but no snow does mean that its melting fast for the umpteenth time this season. So we are back with lovely photo opportunities including my negotiating the bank at 7am with the freshly baked bread on our way in for breakfast. It is a little more trodden down now so doesn’t come over my knees anymore but is certainly a fairly unique commute.image

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5 Responses to 27. Best Week?

  1. Tim says:

    Lovely weather it looks too. We have a bit of sun too which is a nice change. You both seem to be in good fettle again, so you should be ready for your next adventure coming up in a month or so. Sorry to hear about Rogers slushy bottom…….nasty ! xx

  2. Tim says:

    Had to tell you that an australian called Mark is on pointless – tv quiz show, and he ran a bar in Alp d’huez last year. You may know him ????

  3. Nic says:

    What you need is some nice guests! One’s that wash up, serve and supply you with a gin and tonic just before dinner. Having co-ordinated a Young Farmers Ski Trip many many years ago, I’m cringing reading the stories! You are nearly there, keep going, and let me know when you are home! So sorry, we haven’t been to see you. Ellie off to Jay Peak next week, lucky girl!

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