27. Thanksgiving Part ll

IMAG2220IMAG2221The day dawned bright and crisp, a chilly minus 3 but ‘warm’ by local standards. Although Marilyn had said we’d have an easy day with no particular jobs to do there are always the animals to look after, strangely they need feeding every day and are not too happy if neglected. Roger and I went over to top up the water troughs for the cows and look for whoever had kept Marilyn awake by ‘crying’ in the night. All seemed peaceful enough but we had to check along the creek edge to ensure none were stuck in the mud. Fortunately they weren’t but we did find some broken fence by the previous beaver dam and house so fixed that before returning to the deserted troughs.IMAG2222 By the time we’d finished filling them and repairing the leaks in the hose we had been joined by half a herd of these curious cowards who took even more interest in the truck as we tried to leave. It is surprising how close they come when they actually are very timid, apart from the odd bottle fed ones like Matt who’d get in given the chance!IMAG2235IMAG2237



IMAG2223Once the jobs were done some people wanted to ride and I took the opportunity to try bareback riding for the first time on a very patient Hyrissa. It was surprising how much more balance is required and I’ll need to practice a lot more before even trying to trot.

IMAG2227Caitlin, Marilyn’s grand-daughter, and her friend Kim joined us for the meal which was a cross between lunch and supper at 4pm. Carolin’s friend, Michael is also here for a few days so we were a jolly group around the dinner table even if it was a tight squeeze. I had managed to preserve some of the petit-fours for after dinner despite Carolin and Eileen’s lack of self-control! There were enough for them to have a couple of extras and I feel quite flattered.

IMAG2225IMAG2233Bruce took the opportunity for a post-dinner snooze although Freckles wasn’t for moving to allow him space on the sofa. The dogs are plentiful in this household and one has to share the available space with an assortment of four-legged animals. Eileen, Jeanette and Rika could only just fit on the settee with Jessie and Grub, fortunately Freckles had slumped to the floor and Mikey conceded that he couldn’t fit his fat belly on there as well.

Roger went off with Bruce in the evening to visit some friends a few miles away. I was invited but relieved to have declined as they spent most of the time talking hunting and guns, even examining Steve’s 100 year old specimen! The rest of us spent the evening around the table playing cards before turning in for the night after a beautiful sunset. Roger returned after midnight, reporting that the lights were growing again. By 1am they were quite impressive so I went to rouse Michael, unsuccessfully, who hadn’t seen them but wanted to, and still hasn’t! A lovely ‘lazy’ day.


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