30. Bruce’s birthday

IMAG2252DSCN1721Bruce turned 60 in Sunday. Well, 30, second time around as he prefers, endorsed by the 30th birthday banner we procured from the thrift shop along with a New Year’s Eve party box! Not exactly accurate on either account, but the best we could do in the circumstances and perhaps all the better for it.  We had a bit of a party tea, eating all the junk food we have been avoiding for the rest of this stay. People popped in on and off during the day and he seemed to be pleased to be able to offer them a wee dram from the bottle Roger and I bought him (partly in replacement of the previous one they had polished off earlier in our stay) It may not be a single malt but Roger still seemed to enjoy imbibing.

The rest of the day was much as usual with him continuing to tick off the endless list of jobs which need completing. Some have a degree of urgency as they need to be finished before the snow arrives or the ground freezes, like mending this fence which started as just hammering in one of the horizontals which had come loose but ended up rebuilding the entire stretch!IMAG2260 Despite this, we were still able to enjoy a Sunday afternoon ride out which I finished with another bareback session in the arena on Sara. I feel much more comfortable on her but it is probably just that I’m more used to her. We’ve managed to accomplish trotting but I’m quite keen to pass through this stage quite rapidly as it is not terribly comfortable! I’m going to try cantering on a lunge rope this afternoon so hospital may be the next stop.IMAG2262

DSCN1722DSCN1699The nights have been quite active again in the firmaments and we’ve even managed to obtain our own photos even if they aren’t as good as Carolin’s. When it is clear but no lights the stars are phenomenal, the clearest and busiest skies I think I’ve ever seen, even more so than the Sahara. Add in the odd shooting star as well and it is quite a spectacle. The open curtain draws my eyes during the night but I do struggle to stay awake. We’ve been joined in the cabin by Abbey, a little collie cross mongrel, who just seems to have adopted us for the last few nights. Fortunately she is very good and quiet, even sneaking onto the bed in the dark but helping to keep us warm.IMAG2259IMAG2254IMAG2257

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  1. Tim says:

    Happy birthday Bruce !
    Loved the bedroom photos, Rogers hat presumably stuck on a nail on the wall. Pleased to see Roger looking well behaved on the bed, he has changed :), may need a trim before he comes home. xx

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