18. ….and then it changed

IMAG2426We had over a foot of snow fall and then the sun came out; everyone and everything looked less of a nuisance! We endured the snow storm on Wednesday evening and enjoyed a home-made burger and chips with a carafe of wine after work at O bar, arriving like snowmen. The following morning dawned bright and clear. Guests were out of the chalet on the 8.45 bus so we were able to catch up with some tidying and cleaning but I was still up the hill by 11am. Roger and I had arranged to meet in the cafe at Signal with him coming up on the foot passenger lifts to meet me after I’d managed a bit of skiing. The snow was beautiful and crisp although softening in the morning the sun but it isn’t quite the same skiing alone.IMAG2429

Some more fell last night and again the morning was clear so with having caught up with the chores the previous day we managed to catch the 9.45 bus and I was on the piste by 10.30. After a couple of hours and finding a couple of little used runs I came back to the flat just as people were going in for lunch. The slopes were quietening but the sun and traffic had started to churn up some of the more popular routes. The French have a holiday period throughout February so with the addition of the Brits for the next 2 weeks it is likely to get very busy. Roger had chosen not meet me on the hill as he was feeling a little frustrated, but has perhaps chosen the best time to be laid up.

IMAG2430The view from the chairlift wasn’t quite as stunning as the previous day as the snow was toppling off the fir trees in great clumps. The branches rebounding with delight having discarded their weighty burden.  The icicles dripped off the ends in natural wesselcups and thousands of tiny diamonds still sparkled in the animal footprint-trodden snow below. This is why we are here.

The view from our bus stop when going for our evening session

The view from our bus stop when going for our evening session

The hospitality aspect enables us to live out here for the winter, enjoying all the conditions if appropriately clothed, but particularly the stunning scenery. Most of the time, even the guests are no problem. Next week’s early arrivers have chosen to get a taxi on Saturday which is a much better idea than depositing their kit on Friday. When asked if we have had any difficult guests, we can actually say that over the season and a half, so far, we only had one awkward group, last Christmas. That can’t be too bad a record (hope I’ve not tempted fate!) That’s not to say they’ve all been perfect, just that it could be a lot worse, particularly when there is fresh snow and the sun shines.

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  1. Tim says:

    Looking lovely now the snow has come, I bet you are relieved, it takes away a bit of annoyance for the guests and looks a lot better. How did your multicolour outfit go on the slopes ? at least you wont get lost, and you may well set the fashion for the season. On the subject of smelly cheese, we had some rather nice brie and some blue stilton. We blamed the stilton for the evil death smell filling the kitchen but it turned out to be the brie, even double wrapped and in an air tight box, it was unbearable. Tasted nice though ! Keep well xx

  2. Mandy says:

    Hi to you both 🙂
    I’m frantically knitting you an orange scarf and purple hat to complement your outfit Gill….
    Perhaps you are in secret cahoots with the designer ski glasses rep as snow blindness should always be taken seriously (even when caused by spotting highly garish outfits!!)
    Not much to report here that is as exciting as your plumbing problems. Mine is merely an issue with my expansion pipe -apparently!
    Happy to report another 3lb loss so going to be almost invisible by the time you return…lol!!!!
    Hope Rogers shoulder is responding to Physio ..sorry, had to stifle a childish giggle then…my ridiculous autocorrect on my iPhone changed Rogers name to Toger…?….that might just stick now I’m afraid.
    Keep smiling and sending those beautiful photos that make me green with envy every time I look at them.
    Much love…from both of us xx

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