5. Chilliwack Show

Everyone is off to Chilliwack, except us, although the plan is for us to go on Sunday. This is a big reining show as it is a major city in BC, although we’d never heard of it until the bus stopped there. We are really looking forward to seeing the real macoy.



Lacota and Bling will be ridden, Esha has gone as their groom/nanny and Gaylene and Ben will be in the saddle. Esha gave Bling a bit of a work out the other evening when it was as hot and dusty as the arena photo illustrates. She is Lacota’s daughter and said to have the same lovely nature which may be true, she’s lovely, but I’not so sure about him. Probably safest with a wall in between. He’s a stallion so I suppose that makes the difference. I was amazed to see Esha shave Bling’s whiskers in preparation, this is in addition to plaiting their manes and tails and wrapping their lower legs which did make them look pretty but I’m not sure about the shaving.IMAG1327



IMAG1315The girls have also left, the two friends departed yesterday and Maddison left this morning with her horses. I think Snickers will miss them although she hasn’t worked as hard in a long time. Sammy has abandoned us as well, at least we think he has gone with Ben, otherwise we’ve lost him! It is usually Bella who leads him astray but she has been confined to barracks with us and is heartily fed up with that outcome.


Sammy in his usual pose!

So we are responsible for these valuable creatures which have been left behind, particularly Angel who doesn’t know her importance yet. Rather unkindly, I had thought what an unfortunate face she had when first emerging from the trailer. There is something not so attractive about the pale eyes in the pale face but apparently this is what makes her so valuable and her long lanky legs which will suit Gaylene. Her lovely nature won me over quite quickly though. I think Meg knows the significance of her responsibility and stands guard over her charge most of the time, apart from this morning when I went to feed them and couldn’t find the baby! She potentially could be a kidnap target but hopefully not and certainly not on our watch. She was hiding behind the shed so it transpired.


IMAG1326Rocker and Dunner are two retired show horses and now make a lovely couple with Tinkerbell playing gooseberry. Poor Rocker obtained a tail infection which has made most of it fall off, she just has a little tufty stump remaining but is still beautiful. Tinkerbell would much rather be in the paddock with Snickers and Joey, the other minis, as she’d be able to boss them about. Joey, the littlest with the stunted legs which can only go at 50 miles an hour (but need to in order to keep up with everyone) might not take lightly to her though as he always appears to need to compensate for his diminutive stature by taking on the big boys, including the geldings Rio, another lovely show horse and Dunner!


Dunner, Rocker and Rio with Tinkerbell leading and Joey trying to keep up!

IMAG1332My first job this morning was to hoover the pool after having scrubbed it yesterday, its a hard job but someone has to do it. I was a bit concerned that I had messed up when all the water turned a pale milky colour. It seemed as though I was just scrubbing the paint off so I was keeping my fingers crossed that it would all settle over night and appears have done so reasonably. It was quite amusing to become ‘the pool guy’, a bit character of so many American films. I now know why they appeared to work at a snail’s pace, I always assumed it was too hot to be fast but actually you have to move the vacuum quite slowly, both due to the water resistance but also so you don’t miss too much and have to go over it again. I’d saved the job for early morning, before the pool area became too hot, but we’ve now settled to a very comfortable 24 degrees with some haze reducing the sun’s burn.

IMAG1335Next I tidied up the pergola, trimming the budding vines and honeysuckle. Its a pity we wont be around to enjoy the fruits but can benefit from those of my labour now that the chairs are accessible and clean. I should have taken a before photo to show how overgrown it was.

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