5. Colt bait!

IMAG3628The youngsters came back to the yard in 2 lorry loads. They were run through to the paddock but unfortunately the double lock wasn’t on the back gate so they crashed through the remaining one and headed back out into the large back paddock! Genine on Freckles and Rob on the quad set off after them and retrieved all bar one, one of the lovely black ones who proved that he could jump!


Little princess

We still had 8 unhandled horses plus 2 who had been either handled or trained to show the others the ropes. One of the new fillies is going to be our little girl. Roger, with a little help from me, can train her as well as give her a name! Roger is favouring August or Grace and I like Lily or Rosella but we will wait and see how she presents in personality before deciding, probably on something completely different, but for now is our little princess.

Genine and Mac have gone away for a week and during this period Agnes will be departing so we are left with the list of feeding regimes for all the horses and other assorted 4 legged or winged friends! Rob will be here for most of that time but he will also be away for a couple of days so it is a huge responsibility.

IMAG3636IMAG3639We went out for a last ride with Agnes, where we met up with 3 station horses who are currently residing in the paddock just out side gate. In the distance we could see the black horse watching us but keeping quite well away. We weren’t really interested in him, apart from admiration as he trotted along level with us through the trees. As we turned and headed back towards the station he came up and joined us, and the other 3 horses, which had also latched on but he took a particular shine to Soxy, my young, fairly inexperienced and very pretty mount. Agnes warned me that she could kick so I found it a little worrying when he repeated got very close but she was very well behaved, the little hussy!

As we approached the yard we had quite a debate about whether to take them all in to capture the runaway or keep them all out, there was no splitting them, as they seemed very quiet we took them in, no bike or quad engines. We called to Robert, who fortunately was in the yard, to help as we stood at the gate with 3 mounts, 3 riders, 3 loose horses and a semi-wild one!



They trotted calmly into the yard where Rob diverted 2 of them and we then managed to get the other plus ‘blackie’ to follow Roger on Freckles and Soxy with me into the pen with Rob on gate duty. Roger managed to get out again but ‘wild’ was sticking with Soxy until eventually he was shooed away and we snuck out the gate, leaving him behind. It may not have had the speed and adrenalin of usual mustering but at least we can say we brought one horse in!

IMAG3656He, currently rechristened ‘legs’ as he is so lanky, now follows our little princess around like some lovesick teenager. Its amazing how quickly the affections can be transferred! They have been in the pen for 5 days and these 2 are by far the bravest. We haven’t actually made physical contact with them yet but have come the closest at only a couple of yards now and ‘legs’ has had his head in the window of the empty Ute (utility vehicle we use to transport the huge amount of hay they get through and now also, the huge outcome of that eating!)

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  1. Tim says:

    A horse each, should fit in your hand baggage.

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