24. Sublime snow-shoeing

Apologies for the lack of posts. We’ve been having some technical problems which hopefully are resolved.

We have experience of snow-shoeing at night in Finland which could not be surpassed, but this came a very close second. The conditions were excellent: plenty of fresh powder and glorious sunshine, albeit dappled at times but sufficient to send cascades of snow off the trees as they caught the warmth of the rays. The other factor was a disparate group of people. Complete strangers just over two months ago but now instant friends. No history but a camaraderie as we shared a mutual environment and circumstance, the ups and downs. Some of the highest highs, as this afternoon transpired to be, but coupled with some of the lowest lows, which we are pleased to have left behind us, but which others are in the midst. And two boisterous affectionate dogs, the ever loyal Bill (collie, kelpie cross) and the very vocal, award winning mutt, Corrie. One chef, one admin assistant, two hosts and four self-catered house keepers accompanied the very versatile Pip on a tour of the lower reaches of 16,50. Another unforgettable experience we have been privileged to participate in.

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2 Responses to 24. Sublime snow-shoeing

  1. Cath Rudman says:

    Glad to see you back after the technical glitch.
    Snow-shoeing looks great fun.
    I hope the rest of the season goes well,
    Best wishes to you and Roger
    Cath xx

    • Gill Smith says:

      Hi Cath. Great to hear from you. Can’t believe we are still doing this after the first season but here we are. Hope all is well with you. Love Gill x

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