6. Roger

Just so this is blog isn’t all about me, here’s a chapter and photos of Roger. His placid nature has enabled him to be much more accepting of our lot during these adventures. It is fairly safe to say that his tolerance level is much higher than mine and his requirements much less. He wasn’t at all concerned about the outside privvy at the last ranch whereas I had to block it from my mind whenever I used it (I’m just immensely relieved that I didn’t drop my phone down there! having swapped my habit of keeping it in my back jeans pocket from where it had ended up down a conventional loo one new year’s eve). He doesn’t feel somewhat abused to the same extent as me at this place, albeit within a dichotomy of luxury.

IMAG1314He has started to obtain a more equal tan, only having to look at the sun to turn brown, but this illustrates his original navvy’s sunburn. He starts his day with Arnaud doing the morning feed, mucking out the stalls and then clearing the paddocks of herbivorous poo! Gaylene’s partner is here at the moment from his ranch 1100miles away and can’t understand why they are clearing the outside droppings at all! But our job is to do what we are told to do. Fortunately our work is time, not task, related. (If I have to spend and hour and a half dead-heading rhododendrons, so be it!)

On day 1 Roger was clearing debris with the blower from the roof of the cabin we live in and so it has continued since then. He has cleared about 15 stall roofs up until now (Arnaud doesn’t like heights) but does look like an applicant for an audition for Ghostbusters.

It can be difficult to keep up with the list of jobs we are given as they can be fired at us like a machine gun and we have to remember the first one before we even receive the last instructions. In case we run out of things to do in our 4-5 hours a day, 5 days a week (not the 6+ hours a day, 6 days a week we are currently executing!) he has been tasked with restoring and renovating this Amish carriage which could be quite fun and certainly produce a sense of satisfaction. It is not in too bad a state but does need some significant work carried out. One wheel is in a particularly sad state but a replacement is available so hopefully with some attention to the leather seating, canvas hood and woodwork paint it could be restored to its former glory, time allowing!! Brian will take the delapidated wheel back to an Amish community near Dawson Creek where they may have the origianl skills and parts to restore it. Roger has been told that there is no point in him starting the project if he can’t finish it. I think this was meant as an incentive but is more likely to deter him from beginning!


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  1. Tim says:

    Definately one for the ladies, pleased you saved us a view of the rippling 6 pack, beer on his knee – perhaps ??? Make sure you make the most of your free time and get out and about, maybe hire a car for the day ? or use the leaf blower for a buzz lightyear style escape – to infinity and beyond………..

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