9. Christmas Day

IMAG2357IMAG2358Christmas eve was a normal day, it didn’t even feel Christmassy but we were going out after work regardless. I think that it is lack of build up which negates the festive feeling. Our guests were still up for dress up Friday and had a major trying on session, deciding which animal they’d be the following day. We left them still choosing and went off to catch the night bus up to the flat. It drove straight past us! Despite being stood under 4 street lights and waving both arms back and forth over our heads. Not a good start and certainly diminished the festive cheer. Roger got a good look at him, I was more concerned about not getting run over.

20151225_110218Fed, watered and changed we headed out in our Christmas hats, courtesy of Ben. They earned us a few drinks. In the first bar, ‘O’, we got talking to another Brit, an ex-physio, working for SkiTotal, as a chalet host, what a coincidence. Her husband came in shortly after, he is the driver and general dogs-body for the resort. We found a lot of parallels except we haven’t got a narrow boat, yet.

We saw in Christmas with them and Vicky and then moved on to Undies where the music had already started, a first for us. We met the SkiTotal maintenance guy and also the poor girl who is looking after Breche this year with 2 others. Roger actually bumped into her in the communal toilets, washing her hands whilst gazing aimlessly into the mirror. ‘I’m so tired!’ she stated, he enquired if she was a seasonnaire. To an affirmative response he went to ask where she working and brought her out to me to commiserate. We turned in at 2am, being lightweights.

The alarm went off at 7.30am. These guys had found the 8.45-9am breakfast far too early so it had slipped to 8.30-9.30 which suited us too. We opened the kitchen door to a cleared up room (Kathie is very good at this) and a bottle of fizz with a card addressed to us in the middle of the table. This made our day and also means we can save the bottle in our fridge, courtesy of my big sis, until New Year.

IMAG2360The guests managed to drag the teenagers out by 10.30 so we had the chalet to ourselves to prepare for the rest of the day as well as indulging with our gift and some nibbles in the sunshine on the balcony. I had to wait for the chocolate brownie cake to cool so I could ice it al la a Christmas cake so once that was completed we made our way back to the flat at about 2pm just in case some of the boys returned early.IMAG2361

We hadn’t built up the meal particularly as some of the trimmings were missing, cranberry sauce, bread sauce and Christmas pudd, although everyone seemed quite impressed with what we did deliver. Chicken crowns with stuffing from Asda, roast potatoes, pigs in blankets, (although we did have to skimp as I’d misplaced the second packet in the bottom of the freezer) leeks with lardons, broccoli and carrots followed by apple crumble and preceded by home made tomato soup, so not too shabby. We accepted their invitation to join them but unfortunately the proposal that &everyone will chip in& with the work seemed to have been forgotten. We weren’t too surprised and had decided to just sit down for the main course anyway. We left them playing charades from the films and books with we’d been asked to provide them. Obviously our invitation didn’t extend to the socialising. They are an odd bunch and we couldn’t decide whether we liked them or not but still a massive improvement on last year.

We retired fairly early as Boxing Day was change-over and would probably be no less than 12 hours, even here. The next group were a single party of mostly 20-young 30 year olds and we knew what that meant. There was also a 16 year old which we assumed (correctly) to be someone’s little brother. The others were out of the chalet by 10.30, donating another bottle of fizz to us as well as their left over beers. I think we had blind-sided them by providing a couple of bottles on Christmas Day, particularly as they’d missed their welcome drink by arriving so late but they’d bought some themselves so didn’t need it (light-weights!). The Dads seemed to disappear without saying goodbye but then re-appeared, looking rather sheepish and apologetic as they gave us a very welcome tip of combined Euros and Sterling. We aren’t fussy, we’re happy with any reasonable currency.

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3 Responses to 9. Christmas Day

  1. Tim says:

    Happy Christmas ! pleased you have had a good time, love the hats, we did jumpers. We havn’t been washed away yet although york,Leeds and the local valleys have had a very bad time, even the old mill near cooper bridge had to be evacuated.
    Have a great week, and plenty of snow !

  2. Jill says:

    Merry Christmas albeit a little late. Seems like you are definitely having a better time of it this year, hope it lasts for you and hope the snow improves so you can get a bit more skiing done. We are off to Fuerte on 30th so will wish you a Happy New Year now in case we don’t get the chance later. Looking forward to the next installment xxx

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