We are beginning to be able to get a bit of a break in the afternoons now. If we didn’t have to go back for high tea at 5.30 – which hopefully we won’t after this week until half term – we would have even longer. One of our principle imperatives is to get the weight off our feet. They are really suffering with being on them for 10 – 11 hours a day literally (not as one of the guests,  a teacher, claimed to do!). I’m not sure if it is exacerbated by the flooring but we have stone tiles throughout on top of the underfloor heating which makes it very solid (to which all the glass breakages will atest). My feet aren’t even relived by sitting down if I can’t actually get the pressure off my soles but I think even that may be getting marginally easier. At least this problem has fuelled Roger’s slipper obsession.

Pool from the yoghurt pots

Pool from the yoghurt pots

We had adopted a routine when we finish the morning stint of gathering all the bin bags and recycling bottles, scrambling up the side of the hot tub and chalet, climbing a short but steep hill to the bin store, depositing the trash before ascending a further 40-50 steps to the centre ville on the way to our apartment. After a solid 6-7 hour stint this was quite an exertion but the other day we had to go down the hill first to collect a parcel. I was dismayed at this regressive step as we’d have further to climb back up until Roger’s inspired idea of taking the yogurt pots to the midstation and walking back to the flat on a slightly downhill trajectory -yippee. Just a shame they aren’t working at 10pm. This new route does require us to walk past some enticing cafes whose services we have had to evaluate sat in the midday sun. Not so shabby then and certainly easier on the feet. Fortunately we have the full season lift pass so we can jump on and off any lift in resort, unfortunately it doesn’t extend to the 1 swim a week provided on the 6 day pass which would certainly help to ease achy joints, from work never mind skiing, but I’m sure that’s saved the company a few more pennies!

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