CONTENTStibetan band

1. Introduction – I want to change my life
2. How can I live with less money? What about hostels etc?
3. How will I fill my time? Will I need to work? Change my life.
4. Where could I go and what would I do? How to change my lifestyle
5. What will ‘home’ be like if I change my lifestyle?
6. How much money will I need? Can I be cost neutral or earn my subsistence?
7. What can I do? One possible option to change my life after 50IMAG0136
8. If I change my life can I manage without my friends?
9. Change my life, what else could I do?
10. Clearing out the house / clearing out my life
11. Can I leave my career? Can I use these skills elsewhere?
12. How will I tell the family I’m changing my life? How will they react?
13. Getting started on the plan for a new life.
14. How can I leave my comfort zone and this culture?IMAG0403
15. What do I need to do before I go?
16. How will I manage my health as I get older?
17. What will happen to the garden?
18. Can I take this leap of faith?
19. Will I be able to get rid of all my ‘stuff’?
20. What is a TEFL course like?
21. What will the cookery course be like?
22. What legal bits do I need to arrange before we go?
23. What clothes will I need to take with me or keep for future adventures?DSCN0991
24. How will I spend my down time?
25. How will I manage in such different environments?
26. What I won’t miss!

Final chapter. Secrets and ties – evaluate your life





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