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Our biggest icicle

Our biggest icicle

We have no access to English television and I’m very disappointed to be missing the latest series of Last Tango in Halifax, not so much Broadchurch,  but may be able to catch up with the former later on iplayer somewhere. We have brought three series of Breaking Bad with us but as we can only view it at the chalet have not been able to get past the middle of series 2 at present. It was very useful for some down time before we got into full swing but now there rarely seems to be a time when guests are not around. Even when we’ve finished the morning jobs they are starting to return either just for lunch or the day and it wouldn’t do for us to be watching TV in their lounge/dining room. We haven’t had the good fortune or respite of an empty bedroom since we started so that’s not an option either (though long overdue!). We do now have ipod speakers so that gives some alternative music in the evenings or when the wifi goes down.

Prior to departure it was a struggle to fit all the requirements into one suitcase. Now we’re here I think I have probably only used half the clothes etc I brought with me; I didnt realise that I’d only need a maximum of 2 pairs of ski socks, the additional 3 are quite bulky and why, considering that were only skiing once or twice a week did I  think that would necessitate 2 pairs of salopettes. That’s alot of suitcase space. I suspect that I will have over estimated the toiletries as well and have enough for a year. There are only a couple of items I wish I had not put in the lower priority pile that were abandoned in Shelley (sports bra and knife sharpener) but there would have been plenty of space if I had realised how little I actually need here. The back pack for the summer is looking more achieveable.

Whilst we are becoming more efficient and able to increase our time off in the afternoons our routine has changed very little. Initially we would crawl back to the flat, set the alarm and fall asleep for an hour, two at the most before dragging ourselves back for the evening shift. Now we can even acknowledge that we have as much as 5 hours on occasions before returning but we still seem to have to set the alarm as we fall asleep just the same. However I do have distinct recollections of falling asleep on the sofa in front of the TV many evenings. We do manage to read a little before sleep takes over but it was reassuring to discover that this is a fairly normal occurrence for the other younger staff when the pull of the hill is weak (except that they are up half the night partying whereas we only go out after work on Tuesdays, the evening before our day off).

Still Christmassy

Still Christmassy

Another little regular occurrence has become our frequent dips into the Spar on our route to/from work to pick up a couple of 1.5litre bottles of ‘pamplemouse’. This is a drink we’ve become particularly fond of. Those of you with French awareness will recognise grapefruit but it’s more than that. It is Finley’s  Pamplemousse and Orange Sanguine and it is absolutely delicious and so refreshing. We discovered it by default when an early guest left a bottle in the fridge (not that they’re meant to put their stuff in our fridge) so we felt it would be wasteful to chuck it away and we’ve been drinking it ever since. If anyone sees this company’s shares for sale do buy some as they will be prospering for the near future at least and this is from someone who doesn’t really like grapefruit juice.


It is quite interesting to see how the pistes change over a period of time. When one is only around for a week there is often little discernable difference however with our extended period we have noticed significant variations. Runs which have been icey become covered in beautiful snow, other which have been lovely and smooth are suddenly moguled, thick snow suddenly converts to brow or even bare patches. Our favourites disappoint and previously disliked routes become this week’s favourites.

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