We are keeping a close eye on the booking status of our chalet to get an idea of how busy we’ll be. Our only source is via the advertised listings, working on the basis that if that particular week is not for sale then we will be full. Christmas and New Year had been booked before we’d even been allocated. There is still space in 8 of the weeks but the anomaly is half-term. It had been on sale at full price – the only week not reduced – until recently and then disappeared from the list. Presumably the whole chalet had been booked. 2 days later it was re-advertised at a higher price by £100pp, very odd. Now however, it has gone again so we’re really not sure what’s happening there but the other Easter week which is not booked is now on at full price. it would be quite interesting to know how this side of the business operates. ski polesI suppose we can’t really expect to not be full as the prices will just be cut and cut until all places are taken, or will they? Is there a cut off point below which it is not viable to have someone in? This is the factor we want to find out for the more impoverished members of our circle i.e. offspring!

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