Busy, busy

The problem with writing this blog is that when we’re busy and there’s lots to write about I don’t have time to login, when I have time it’s usually because not much is going on. This week has been rather frantic in a lovely way; we’ve had friends with their friends coming to stay. The surprise arrival of ‘The bad boys’ went well, more or less as planned, and meant that we and everyone else could use the chalet as a house party. IMAG0821The 5 inch fall of snow (at chalet level) on Saturday night resulted in fabulous skiing this week and amazing suntan and goggle marks. The spring sun has done it’s best to melt it but has only succeeded in bringing on the crocuses around our accom, there’s even a few straggly ones outside the balcony.IMAG0822 The remaining untouched snow has gained a pearlescent sheen and looks rather beautiful in the sunshine. Our balcony now has sun all day as it is now higher than the adjacent building.

We’ve skied 5 days out of the last 6, the most we’ve managed all season. It’s been lovely to meet up with the guys at lunchtime and earlier in the week, take them to some of favourite runs in the afternoon.  But already the afternoon snow has significantly deteriorated that we are aiming to get out of tye chaket early and go back in earlier to do the food prep. This works really well when we are happy to see the people in the chalet but means that we’ve had little spare time at all. We even got dragged up to one of the nearby nightclubs on Weds, where we hadn’t even ventured previously despite its proximity, and managed to drag Nicky to Undies on Thursday so that was a couple of late nights. We spent all day with them on Weds, taking them to more of our favourite runs, to have coffee and chocolate chaud (despite the heat) at Le Spot IMAG0815and lunch off piste on the lake. Before settling down to pizzas and a comprehensive and very professional music quiz evening later, Roger and I went to Undies to show our face at their BBQ which was to have been the wedding reception but this had been cancelled once the date was changed as too many key people couldn’t attend.

Hazel and Sorcha Rhonda and Elie

Hazel and Sorcha
Rhonda and Elie

The BBQ went ahead anyway as there had also been cross-piste treasure hunt awards to be given out. Our team of about 20 managed to get disqualified for running over time. A team of 6 won! Did I mention that the team I was in won the music quiz?!IMAG0819IMAG0818IMAG0817

It’s all change tomorrow. There are no more guests booked in to our chalet so all the staff are moving in! No, we’re not looking after them. They (not us fortunately) have to move out and deep clean their accomodation before starting to shut down all the chalets bar the two who have guests next week. We have been given one of the 2 remaining chalets to continue hosting next week (yes Kath, yours!) It usually only has 1 host and there will be 4 adults and 6 under 10s! But it needs a thorough clean before closing down early the following week. This will probably be preferable to spectating the destruction of my lovely clean chalet which we will not need to go into after it has been our home extension for the past 5 months. It will be strange moving into this new chalet in the middle of the day tomorrow as we’ve barely seen it and not since early days of training. We’ve refused to go until our guests/friends leave at lunchtime but have only 45mins before the new guests arrive at our replacement chalet. We’ve had to be up at 3am to see of people we dont care about so are not prepared to miss saying gooodbye to our friends. We’ll be prepping the meal in our current chalet and running across the piste with beef casserole and raspberry cheese cakes along with potatoes, carrots and broccoli as well as possibly the mini BLTs  and goats cheese balls canapés!  We keep being assured that we’ll be fine, it’s just been let go a bit, whatever exactly that means.

Last week’s guests turned up trumps with a generous tip which we think was arranged by our potential complainant as we went back into the kitchen on Sat eve after we’d said our good nights as we’d forgotten the bin bag and she was getting an envelope organised. What a shame the visit was tainted from our perspective as we also received very good feedback from them and have heard nothing about a complaint as yet. Such is life in the hospitality industry I suppose.

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  1. Cath says:

    I am glad you have had a fun week and got in some good skiing. I am sure you will have a doddle of a week in Christian, especially as everything, including the access, is on one level!

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