Christmas day

IMAG0593We had tried to have a little bit of our own Christmas on the afternoon of the 24th. We opened the rest of the cards which we’d either brought with us or had been hand delivered by Ruth, tucked into a beautiful box of chocolates accompanied by a gin and tonic or 2 and then decorated our apartment.  We were a bit limited with resources but it is amazing how creative one can be with a box of bacofoil! This had been provided for us but the absence of an oven diminished it’s necessity. We still had to be back at the chalet by 5ish for evening prep and meal and wandered past the ice rink where a stage show was being set up. Our family later confirmed that it had been very good and wondered why we hadn’t attended!!

After dinner and clearing up we made our way to Underground, one of our favourite haunts and found all the other Skitotal people so had a pint and a sit to ease the aching feet before embarking on a fairly restrained bop. Our feet do seem to be taking the brunt of this work now that the hands are healing but even this morning we were on them for 8 hours solidly before you add in the evening shift. We were relieved to be in bed by a relatively modest 1 am.

IMAG0592Breakfast and dinner were usual times on 25th as the family wanted to ski. We were not as perturbed as some of our colleagues at the prospect of Christmas lunch as this was somewhat easier than it has been at home previously as the menu was quite basic and the pudding and stuffing coming ready made. The mince pies were made by 11 am and beautifully displayed on my new cake stand (courtesy of Ruth) and I’d even managed a little Christmas tree stencil for the icing sugar. Not sure that the decoration  or display were  appreciated by the guests but Kat liked it and wanted a photo so that’ll do for me. They came rushing back around 3pm in order to get back out for a torchlit display later but as they’d omitted to tell us that the coffee pots were still in the dishwasher as tea is usually at 4.30. We were able to be amazingly obliging when one asked to have 2 rooms of towel change (on Christmas day??!) which we would not normally do – who changes their towels twice a week at home? So we promised nothing but Kat delivered  the required order 1/2 hour later – impressive I think. We’re just keeping quiet about it as I don’t want to start an avalanche of copycat demands.


The evening meal went quite smoothly and I’d even like to think they enjoyed themselves. I’m not sure they appreciated the amount of effort which went into the mandatory after dinner chocolates where I’d managed to pipe Merry Christmas 2014 onto the individual chocs without a piping bag. I hope they couldn’t taste the sage which had been the bag’s previous occupant! We were finished by 9.30 and cleared by 10 so wound our weary way back to Underground to find it almost deserted. We thought the twice postponed Secret Santa was going to be at that time but apparently not. We now have 2 presents which we do not really want as we already have some and have potentially wasted €20 which is a lot of money in this cash strapped environment. We bade the staff happy Christmas, climbed back to our apartment and collapsed into bed. Strange Christmas.

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