Christmas Eve

I can’t believe it is. I have never felt less Christmassy despite the snow. We have been provided with a tree and I’d collected fir cones and was going to dry some orange slices to make into bundles with cinnamon sticks but don’t feel particularly inclined. Not helped by the atitude of our guests, who don’t appear to want to enjoy themselves and are already sniffing around for where they can claim compensation! Roll on the complaints. At least we have last week’s excellent guest feedback forms on which to fall back and not just from family members.

IMAG0585We are having a spare hour in the chalet whilst they’re all out and our wifi is back up so it’s an opportunity to wish you all a very happy Christmas and healthy 2015 before it goes off again! We have over a metre of snow forecast this weekend which may make our commute a little challenging. (Our current guests were asking for free board and lodging if they get snowed in – I’ll give them a tandem down the hill if necessary but they are leaving on Sunday!) Our accomodating is quite luxurious by staff standards (the photos may show otherwise!) but is probably a good 1/2 mile from the chalet and uphill most of the way.

Our view

Our view

Unfortunately this includes a long fligh of step’s otherwise we could ski or sledge it. Whilst the accommodation is basic it is more than adequate and the view is stunning – not that we get to see much of it in daylight.


IMAG0591We managed a couple of hours on the hill yesterday and discovered a nice new run which was remarkably quiet. It was around the back of the nearest hill, the front of which is south facing and therefore green so no-one would expect there to be a nice blue/red run round the back. We decided to indulge ourselves in the mountain restaurant and splashed out on a hot chocolate,  can of coke and portion of chips to share. It was a while before we realised that our neighbours was one of the couples from our chalet probably thinking that we must be paid too much. There goes any chance of a tip – not that there was much of one anyway. We acquired 1/2 bottle of Disarrono and some shampoo from last week’s guests, not sure this group will leave anything but dirt!

Happy Christmas xx

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5 Responses to Christmas Eve

  1. Nicky says:

    OMG – Just read u r change over day blog. I can only assume some weeks will be better than others.

    We are in Craster (n alnwick) with Sam, Tony, mum and bill. Geoff just leaving work and will b here by 4pm. Really looking forward to him getting here.

    House good, but took time to warm up. But we’ll equipped.

    Hope Christmas goes well.

    Speak soon. Nicky

  2. Barbara Baker says:

    Oh Gill. Things on change over day sound manic and you seem to be so busy!! Things will get better I’m sure. Sorry that christmas crew are not more amenable – new year must be better! Chin up and keep smiling – you’re British! Thinking of you at Christmas. Xx

  3. Jill says:

    Keep your chin up and think positive! Tell yourself that this group will be the worst you will ever get and from now on it can only get better. Merry Christmas to you both and cheers xxx

  4. James says:

    It seems a contradiction for a family of skiers to be so unpleasant. Compensation hunters are a particular least favorite of mine, these posts are a cracking read by the way! Hopefully there will be some respite in the not too distant future!(?)
    James xox

  5. Lynne McCool says:

    Hi Gill and Roger, well your guests can only get better! HA HA.
    The snow looks great. We are expecting snow later up here in York. Hope its all gone before next Tuesday when I have to go back to work.
    I hope you feel better soon Gill keep smiling. Lynne

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