Can’t believe we’ve nearly finished, less than 2 days to go, just tonight’s evening meal, full day tomorrow and quick breakfast on Sunday morning and we’ve finished with guests so all pressure off then.

As we’ve only 4 adults for the evening meal after 6 kids for high tea, it is much lighter workload. Roger and I are taking it in turns to come in early, 4.45PM,  whilst the other can roll up at 7pm for company and support more than anything else. These guests are not the easiest and have caused problems for some of the other staff including our lovely rep which was just mean. We have avoided their ire as yet but perhaps they realise that we could cause them more problems and difficulties, they need us. This isn’t the first time this type of scenario has arisen so wonder if it is our relative maturity that keeps us immune from petty complaints.

Anyway, nearly finished, just cleaning out the chalet after departure on Sunday then our accom and believe it or not, Breche, again! I won’t be happy if it isn’t in the state I handed it over only last Sunday but perhaps our input would be more useful in sorting out the inventory. Apart from this week, we are one of the very few who have been at the same chalet for the whole season and therefore know it inside out.

We went out for a super meal last night with the rest of the hosts and some people from the hotels who we’d barely spoken to all season. Many of them departed today so it seemed more like a farewell to them but no-one seemed to mind our attendance. We were talking to one of the hotel chefs who knew all about workaway, the company through which we are going to Canada. We’ve put so many of the staff onto them that if it was a profit making organisation we’d be looking for commission. It is one of the few true win/win situations.


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