Day off!

At last, a day off, well not exactly. We were supposedly off from lunchtime yesterday to lunchtime today. The main reason being that an evening function had been organised for all the staff and there was an expectation that everyone would be hungover this morning and totally unproductive – can’t think why that was thought. It could have something to do with a few of our young colleagues who are managing to party until 3-4 am and then turn up at 7.30 am.  Meanwhile we are too exhausted to even nip round the corner for a quick pint before collapsing into bed.

IMAG0568It’s not quite as bad as that every night though as we did manage to visit Sphere bar whose staff had graced our table previously and we’re able to offer them an enormous white chocolate cake which had been made and iced by Roger’s fair hand and of which he was justifiably proud (but not so good at checking that the lense isn’t steamed up when photographing it!)

We made it to what was inaccurately described as a jumble sale yesterday at another local bar and having entertained their staff the previous night – 3 hungry lads – we gave them a bag of cold cooked sausages which was a bit strange but they were delighted and their veg was impressed with our roast red pepper and mushroom Wellington as well!

We had had a very busy cooking day as it was our turn to deliver a full breakfast to all 18 staff, then it was a practice Christmas lunch with guests followed by a mere starter and main course for the evening visitors, all whilst trying to get the chalet deep cleaned.

After our lunch yesterday we were told to go and put away that day’so delivery and then we were free for the rest of the day. Unfortunately 2 of our 6 trays of eggs were semi trashed en route so I had to try to salvage what we could from that and wash all the rest of the eggs. That was closely followed by the fridge door shelf coming away and spreading the contents of a large tin of chickpeas (which had been decanted into tupperware of course) all across out beautifully cleaned tiled kitchen floor. We finally got the the sale at 3.45 thinking it finished at 4 to find that it had finished at 3pm but fortunately there was still some items there which were actually last year’s stock going at 20% of the previous price – some jumble sale! We were quite restrained and just picked up a couple of helmets at €10 each, a pair of goggles and some under gloves so we’re all prepared bar the actual skis!

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3 Responses to Day off!

  1. Aaron says:

    Hi Roger & Gill, hope you are both well and are having a great time, your views are amazing, (much better then mine of Oldbury Council House LOL)

    Hope you both have a lovely Christmas and New Year..

    Best wishes

  2. Tim says:

    Hi Gill and Roger, this is the first post I have read and it has left me a bit exhausted, phew, hope you saw the hummus side of the chick pea incident……
    Doing something different is great !
    Keep up the good work.

    All the best
    Tim and Theresa xx

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