Departure day

The final sunrise over my morning mountains.



Can’t believe we skied down here last week!

Signal sans snow!

Signal sans snow!

We left our little refuge at 11 am, abandoned on the balcony by the agent and our resort manager as they closed the shutters on us. It was actually an easier route to the car park than via the staircase. Our luggage was dropped off at the hotel where the staff were ready and waiting for the 8pm bus! We had been drafted back to Breche to help with the inventory. Despite this, I was almost barred from going upstairs to check the rooms by one of the ‘residents’ who’d cleaned the floors and staircase, incase I messed them up!! I did have to point out that I’d kept them clean for 5 months, not 10 days, clearing up other people’s mess, not my own! She was ok with it in the end.

We had a lovely time at the final BBQ last night, just a pity that we hadn’t got to know the place earlier.

Roger with Dave and Owen from Undies

Roger with Dave and Owen from Undies

Kat, Adam, Owen and Meg

Kat, Adam, Owen and Meg

Only just managed to pursuade Dave to play briefly. Amazing what you can do with a pen and a beer bottle!

Only just managed to pursuade Dave to play briefly. Amazing what you can do with a pen, an elastic band and a beer bottle!

It’s 6pm now and we’re off to catch the bus. It’s early coz everyone is virtually ready.

We should be back in UK in the early hours of the morning, hopefully catching up with you so let us know if you’ll be free.

The next chapter will start in June from Canada – yee-ha!!


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2 Responses to Departure day

  1. Mandy says:

    just been looking at all your lovely photos Gill and wondering if you will actually brave the private sector contracts and head back there again next season? Those skies are just breath taking aren’t they!
    Not long now till adventure part (2) behind and you head over to Canada!! I’m looking forward to yet more stunning mountain piccies and lots of horsey photos for Katie plz….lol!! xxx

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