Final sale

We are going to undertake our final carboot/table top sale tomorrow but even at this time are unsure which it will be or where. We had felt that by this time of the year we will not want to stand outside in the cold and rain with a dearth of customers but the unseasonably mild autumn has revised that opinion. We did undertake an indoor sale last weekend but unfortunately with twice as many sellers as buyers coupled with a lack of space to display our wares despite procuring an end ‘pitch’, the profits were down IMAG0400significantly. We’d travelled to have a look at an alternative location after our early finish and were not too impressed with the tumble down buildings defining the pitches, particularly in view of the signage denoting ‘dangerous building, do not enter’! There is however, a craft/table top sale in Saltaire which looked quite nice however I was too slow to book so am 3rd on the waiting list. The alternative is to return to Wetherby Race Course, even if a little later than previous visits, to ensure that we can actually see whilst setting up. The forecast is dry and reasonably bright but the wind is predicted to reach 20mph. We have been fortunate to not have had to cope with this element previously but as I sit in my lounge waiting for the washing machine to finish I’m wondering if the clothes will stay on the line and this is supposed to be a mere 12mph wind!

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