First full day off

Our first guests arrived safely on Sunday and we are getting into the swing of things but are very grateful for our first full day off since we left the UK. The previous 2 half days amounted to merely 8 hours work each day instead of the usual 14-16. I had a bit of a melt down on Monday evening over a pork loin joint (well 5 actually – feeding 16 hungry mouths) which refused to cook but our guests all seemed to be having such a good time with each other they didn’t notice the hour gap between starter and main or were too polite to mention it. It’s not easy on a range with no temperature markings and pathetic and inconsistent gas feed pressure. The other challenge is that the dishwasher is on the blink but hopefully we will have a new one by tomorrow,  fingers crossed coz there is a h*** of a lot of washing up. I don’t think my hands will ever be the same again and despite spending most of their time in the sink,  albeit with useless washing up liquid, I don’t seem to be able to get them clean which must look lovely when serving! When Ruth asked what I wanted her to bring out I’m so pleased that even at that stage I asked for hand cream so the supply she brought is so appreciated even though vegetable oil was doing a reasonable job, as was butter for lip salve!

IMAG0575We now have our skis and lift passes but it’s snowing today so the visibility is poor. We decided not to ski but have had a run up the hill to 2700m in the cable car, got out and took one look around and came back down again in the same car as we were that quick. We thought that as we’re so tired and out of the way of skiing that there was far too high a chance of injury today so we’ll wait until the sun shines coz we’ve got all season – yeah!



IMAG0576Instead we have found that the outdoor heated pool has a very nice cafe and free wifi (it’s gone down in the chalet hence the communication blackout for the past few days) so we are sitting here watching the swimmers through the steam and the snow whilst we have a first proper meal for a couple of weeks and an endless supply of coffee so we don’t annoy the proprietors too much. Perhaps we need to add this place to our list of recipients of our excess fare which has been gratefully received by some of the local bars where we have pleased to accept their apprecation in liquid form. Roger’s cakes are even getting a resort wide reputation as our guests have reported back to us!

Too big for the cake display!

Too big for the cake display!

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  1. Carol Ann Vaux says:

    Hi Gill sounds busy there! We’ve just finished for a week for Xmas after that a busy time as per usual ! Hope you are both enjoying the experience ! Have a good Christmas and all the best for 2015 love Carol

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