IMAG0504The veg patch has been put into hibernation although it may not be waking up next spring, it could be many more or even possibly not at all as I don’t actually own the land; I loan it from my very accomodating neighbours. We have covered the beds in an attempt to prevent rampant weed growth and only just stopped short of dumping shovelfuls of compost onto the freshly dug soil. Isn’t it always the case that the earth has never looked so wholesome than when I’m not anticipating planting anything.IMAG0505

I couldn’t find enough old carpet to cover all the unused beds so had to resort to the bright blue tarpaulin which will look like a tiny garden swimming pool from the lightpaths overhead. During the clear out we actually managed to reap a few straggling berries and a couple of rogue carrots and radishes. The major crop and biggest surprise were some hearty lettuces. I guess we’ll be having that we’ll known winter specialty – lettuce soup (with carrot and radish)!

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