Intensive training

IMAG0549Wow, this training has been full on. We’re up at 6.45 and in the training chalet for 7.30 to practice breakfasts! and working through til 9.30-10 cleaning and preparing our own chalet. In amongst this we are learning our menus and will be cooking a 3 course meal and 2 canapes plus veggie option for some local hotel staff tonight and various other guests between now and opening next Sun. The snow has arrived (again!) so hopefully will stay this time. We had to walk across the snow covered run to get to our chalet this morning which seemed rather exciting but we are so not ready to start trying to fit in skiing as well yet.

Don't think this washing will dry before Spring!

Don’t think this washing will dry before Spring!

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2 Responses to Intensive training

  1. Barbara Baker says:

    Sounds so busy – but keep at it. I’m sure it will get easier. Xx

  2. Kerry Frater says:

    How lazy. 6:45. But then you always liked a lie in!!!

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