Journey in

IMAG0402My penultimate week at this work and the journey is almost a pleasure, particularly on a beautiful sunny autumn morning just after the clocks have changed. It is half term and the traffic has just disappeared. That isn’t to say it is any safer as I was nearly taken out on a roundabout by a Landcruiser which didn’t seem to realise it was in the left turn only lane and cut straight across my passenger side wing on a single lane roundabout. Normally I’d just offer loud insults at this type of occurrence but not this time. I have recently become aware of how physically intact we will both need to be to accomplish our first goal so any kind of injury could cause significant problems; I certainly don’t want any musculo-skeletal damage from idiot selfish drivers. When we went for a walk a couple of weeks ago I do remember hesitating before I jumped down off a stile onto uneven ground. A badly twisted ankle or worse still, fracture, would be a disaster, more so if it happens before we even depart. We will need to be very careful with our health, both on the slopes and off. Fortunately I seemed to have lost the invincibility complex of my youth and now look at black runs with a degree of trepidation and feel no loss of face to choose an easier route.

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