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Although it is a little temperamental (like all things French) the wifi in the chalet has enabled us to have radio 2 on in the mornings so we work to theIMAG0650 chatterings of Vanessa, Chris and Ken – if we hear Jeremy then we know it’s a bad day, bearing in mind that were an hour ahead. The little snippets of news headlines keeps us loosely in touch with world affairs as well as the vagaries of the British weather via traffic reports. I was able to snaffle a copy of the Sunday Times from the kindling pile the second week and was donated a Mail on Sunday the third week but beyond that papers have been quite sparse which I find surprising for a Sunday turnaround. It’s a bit early to tell but I think it may have a direct correlation with any delay whereby the papers are finished and discarded prior to arrival. I have managed to snaffle a Sunday Telegraph this last week and the first 12 pages were about France! It was tragic but despite being here we knew nothing about the dramas in Paris but I was expecting to read about UK.

IMAG0655We have no access to English television and I’m very disappointed to be missing the latest series of Last Tango in Halifax, not so much Broadchurch,  but may be able to catch up with the former later on iplayer somewhere. We have brought three series of Breaking Bad with us but as we can only view it at the chalet have not been able to get past the middle of series 2 at present. It was very useful for some down time before we got into full swing but now there rarely seems to be a time when guests are not around. Even when we’ve finished the morning jobs they are starting to return either just for lunch or the day and it wouldn’t do for us to be watching TV in their lounge/dining room. We haven’t had the good fortune or respite of an empty bedroom since we started so that’s not an option either (though long overdue!). We do now have ipod speakers so that gives some alternative music in the evenings or when the wifi goes down.

IMAG0654We couldn’t miss an afternoon skiing yesterday. The weather was beautiful in the morning so we decided to crack on and get out but unfortunately just prior to our departure the clouds closed in. We could actually see the cloud creeping up the valley so decided to go high. Perhaps a bit too high for me as I felt a distinct degree of vertigo on the very top despite the distraction of the stunning view (see photo). It was quite fascinating watching the ebb and flow of the clouds over the village in the valley below but we made sure that our favourite spot on top of Signal remained clear for a quick break before getting down for a staff meeting at 4.30.IMAG0651

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  1. Jill says:

    Its lovely to hear of all your daily activities, whether good or bad, I look forward to catching up with reading all that is happening in you very busy lives. Keep it up, love to you both xx

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