last commute

the joy of the M1 from my 2 year diversion!

the joy of the M1 from my 2 year diversion!

The last day of this commute!!! The last day of trying to negotiate the bottleneck that is Emley. I can’t quite understand why I give way to the oncoming traffic there in the mornings, appropriately as the cars are parked on my side, but have to do the same again in the evenings when I have priority. Are drivers more courteous in the mornings or are people in more of a rush to get home than to arrive at work?

I thought I was going to escape the dreaded winter windscreen scrape and the dilemma of whether to use de-icer or not. Despite this clement autumn we have reached November before this was required, just at the same time as our resort in the Alps had its first real dump of snow – yippee!

Crude oil prices have just been discussed on the news. It feels very strange to realise that we wont need to worry directly, about the cost of petrol as, for the first time in over 30 years, neither of us will own a car. We are unlikely to even leave the village for 5 months, bar nipping up the valley to the next resort, also covered by our ski pass.

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  1. Jacky B says:

    really looking forward to hearing about your adventures.

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