Last day

It seems very strange to think that we are leaving tomorrow despite wishing this day to come sooner not that long ago. The whole area is beginning to look very different, much how it was when we arrived but as we were so unfamiliar with it then it does seem as though we are seeing under the snow for the first time. We have already started the strange process of doing things for the last time, which after 5 months, is quite a wrench, particularly after 6 days a week. We had a lovely lazy afternoon yesterday, just lounging on the grass outside the chaletIMAG0875IMAG0876IMAG0877IMAG0880 before staggering down to the hotel for a farewell BBQ.

Meg's feet are the outcome of the chalet floor!

Meg’s feet are the outcome of the chalet floor!


Roger taking the burgers to the BBq


Jack, the naked barman. Not sure how he'll fit in as an accountant!

Jack, the naked barman. Not sure how he’ll fit in as an accountant!


IMAG0887IMAG0885IMAG0889 Sunsets over the Alpes.


Owen Dave and Kat

Owen Dave and Kat

We have our final BBQ party tonight at Capt. Sandwich which is conveniently close to our flat. Yes, we have managed to retain our abode until tomorrow which is great. Just some illustrations of the curently state of the chalet to hopefully prove that I’m not being too precious.


We’ve had a lovely last day starting with breakfast of smoked salmon and Camembert omelette on the patio (again) after a little bit of cleaning and packing!!IMAG0891 Then we ventured up the hill again but sans skis.IMAG0892IMAG0893IMAG0906 Views from the yoghurt pots.

It was necessary to make full use of the ski pass so we took 2 lifts and then walked to our lovely restaurant on Lac Besson without knowing if it would actually be open, fortunately it was but it was a beautiful walk anyway even if a little soft under foot. IMAG0898IMAG0899IMAG0903

The paths had been pisted but many of them run over rivers and streams which are beginning to reassert themselves so we had to be a bit careful.

IMAG0900IMAG0904 Whilst the restaurant is lovely the access can be a bit of a challenge!

IMAG0902IMAG0905 Everywhere is so photogenic!



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  1. Tim says:

    Have a good trip home, look forward to seeing you soon. Thanks for a great read, shall have a get a book now ! Well done, old dogs can learn new tricks 😉

  2. Jill says:

    Safe trip home hope to see you both soon. I have really enjoyed your blog and am looking forward to reading the next one in the second installment of the adventures of Gill and Roger xx

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