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view from my cupboard/office

my cupboard/office and ‘view’

Yesterday I finished at the hospice where I’d worked for 15 years; almost the longest I’d done anything for in my life (apart from breathe!) But it wasn’t just the end of a job, but also the end of a career and the beginning of a new life. Whilst the latter is so exciting, which tempers the wrench, I don’t think the termination of my vocation has fully filtered through. Leaving my wonderful friends and colleagues (you know who you are) has been the hardest. Fortunately my leaving ‘do’ is next week so I will see many of them then – now that will be hard, but at least it will be aided by wine, which could result in free-flowing tears!IMAG0485

I may have mentioned that I wont miss the commute but yesterday’s sunrise even managed to make a wind turbine marginally less objectionable than usual! I think my commute and view from ‘work’ maybe about to change beyond recognition.


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