Lazy day off

Ooops not sure how but I didn’t publish this on 5th Feb (also ‘week 5’ should make a bit more sense now)

Neither the forecast nor the window predicted a good day so we lost nothing with our late awakening. There wasn’t anything we particularly needed to do so it was no surprise to discover that we hadn’t ventured out of the apartment at all on our day off. We spent a considerable amount of time either in or on the bed, there not being much alternative seating, which was a great relief for the feet and I can actually say that they didn’t hurt this morning when I awoke finding myself lying on my back with no pain in my heels for a pleasant change.

I wasn’t completely indolent, I cleaned the bathroom and swept the floor – busman’s holiday. I also cleared out the fridge which tends to become overloaded with little parcels of leftover meals which, by the time we return around 10pm do not seem so enticing. They all tend to be wrapped in bacofoil and clingfilm so are completely unidentifiable from the outside, we don’t even have any ‘wee dishees’ to put them in.

It wasn’t all work by any means as I was also able to read the Sunday papers, not 3 days behind but 10 days after the event. This is the best I can manage as they are brought by guests on the Sunday of arrival, I don’t obtain them until the following Sunday when they leave and often have no time to read them until the Wednesday but…. I’ve had the Sunday Times for the past 2 weeks and I have my eye on one in a bedroom this week – one of the few benefits of room cleaning.

Despite dozing through the day as well we were able to manage a good night’s sleep and woke a little refreshed albeit anxious that we wouldn’t have any hot water for showers. I’d had a bath around 6pm (not as good as it sounds as it is distinctly trunkated therefore you have to either sit upright or lie back with your knees under your chin or feet up the wall – none of which positions I could maintain for long) and by bedtime there was still no hot water in the taps. Fortunately the tank had worked overnight and the blast of hot water woke us up, ready for another 6 day stint.

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