The little fir tres I use to gauge how much snow has come down overnight as we emerge from our accomm. The ones which are now buried

The little fir trees I use to gauge how much snow has come down overnight as we emerge from our accomm. The ones which are now buried

Despite being shattered from changeover day the conditions on Monday were too good to miss so instead of collapsing into bed to catch up with much needed sleep and relieve the pressure on the poor old feet we changed into our ski gear at lunchtime. We spent a lovely afternoon cruising down some wide pistes in the sunshine, initially, in various degrees of control. Mid afternon the clouds started behaving strangely, instead of being high (snow laden) or low when we’re in glorious sunshine above them, there were some rather large stacks hanging around quite high up the valleys. I’m sure a meterologist could explain this phenomenon but we ended up capitulating in our race to find the sunny areas as the shade was extremely cold. We’d managed a good 2-3 hours which suited us fine anyway.

Extent of access, from building on far right to left side of picture (poor representation of gradient due to bad cameramanship!

Extent of access, from building on far right to left side of picture (poor representation of gradient due to bad cameramanship!)

We’d had a call from the resort manager the previous day to say that she and the chalet manager wanted to come to talk to us. Oh dear, was this because our feedback had deteriorated, was it because we had been reluctant/refused to clear an excessive amount of snow from the access, was it because we were being difficult about phones, were we about to be disciplined? Over my dead body! The meeting had been the previous day but was postponed so we weren’t surprised when one of them turned up Tuesday morning, what did surprise us was that we weren’t in bother, she was more concerned that we were unhappy. It was a good opportunity to air some minor issues and have some direct contact as I must admit that due to the location of our accom and the chalet, our age difference and lack of phone I was beginning to feel a bit marginalised and isolated. I felt more reassured but annoyed that I’d lost sleep working out how quickly we could pack and be out of here, having dealt with everything required if we were in trouble. That’s the price for being a pessimist, unlike Roger.

It was with some relief that we came back to the flat for a break in the afternoon and I was able to indulge my feet in their weekly soak etc and sleep for 2 hours, even if it was a day late. We have lost touch with our colleagues socially as they seem to be going out just as we are going to bed. As it is our ‘Friday night’ though we still manage to go out for a drink after work on Tuesdays. Last week we had gone to ‘O’bar which we knew to be very nice but unfortunately downhill from the chalet which doubles the climb back to the flat. However we decided to go anyway and were able to occupy the 2 armchairs beside the log fire, best seats in the house. This week we were not so lucky but we were a little later as we’d dropped in to see one of our colleagues who’d had a nasty fall during the week and has badly damaged 2 knee ligaments so she is probably on her way home, poor thing.

We sat in the seats next closest to the fire and were quickly able to identify the armchair occupants as being from one of our group hotels although didn’t recognise the individuals. They were joined shortly by a few more people, one of whom did look quite familiar and transpired to be the company catering manager who I’d talked to about the inadequacy of the gluten-free recipes in the menu book. She didn’t seem to hold anything against me and we chatted until we’d finished our drinks and said our goodbyes. Our route back took us past Underground so we just popped in to see who was there and bumped in to a few people we knew so had another drink and we’re shortly joined by the resort and chalet managers so I’m glad we’d cleared the air earlier that day. Shortly after, the catering manager also rolled up so that was a little awkward but I think they’d all had enough to drink by then not to care. It is a strange environment to live and work in such close proximity to colleagues and managers when they are social partners as well. There is little alternative in this tiny, rather insular community to not work and play together, I wonder how things develop if there are disciplinary issues?

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